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Who's Feeling Silly? > Which Celebrity Are You??

Tia Varner

Barked: Sat Apr 26, '08 5:58am PST 
Your dog is Oprah!
When Tia barks, people listen. Yes, indeed, Tia is Oprah Winfrey.
A true rags-to-riches story, Tia is a comeback pet who has not only survived a troubled start, but uses her success to lend a helping paw to others. Well-rounded and hard-working, Tia has re-written the rules of stardom and continues to spread her influence throughout the animal kingdom. Still a down-home country girl, Tia's one weakness is the chow that she knows from her youth, and she's not afraid to gobble up a little gravy every now and then. Tia manages to keep her positive reputation intact, despite being hounded by the press and her thousands of diehard fans everywhere she goes. Tia is smart, creative and innovative and has used these qualities to build up an empire the likes of which have never before been seen.
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Who's Feeling Silly? > Which Celebrity Are You??

The Boss
Barked: Sat Apr 26, '08 5:56am PST 
Did you take the quiz?
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