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Senior Dogs > Possible Diabetic Pancreatic Cancer

Donner - RIP You will- never be

Donner - Human in a- dobies body!
Barked: Wed Nov 14, '12 1:25pm PST 
Our companion, Donner, of almost 10 years is currently in critical care. The vets believe he is an extreme diabetic with possible pancreatic cancer. He never showed any signs of being a diabetic, until a few days ago. He could no longer get up on his own. I honestly thought it was arthritis since he is 13 years old. When he fell yesterday and wasn't able to stand we rushed him to the vet. They are keeping him hydrated with IVs. They have done ultrasounds on his chest and stomach and now on their second scope to confirm the cancer. I know if its cancer it will be time to let go, I hope and pray it isn't. If its not cancer he will get an MRI to determine if he has a spinal issue or nerve damage from the diabeties.
My day has been filled with tears, waiting for some good news. I ask his dogster pup-pals and friends to pray for Donner. He needs mighty strength to pull through this.
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Senior Dogs > Harley is no longer in pain

yo quiro ham !
Barked: Wed Nov 14, '12 12:11pm PST 
I am very sorry to hear of your loss. My big brother Donner is in the hospital right now. He too is a senior, I miss him so much.

God speed Harley.
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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > featuring dogs on death row


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Barked: Thu Nov 16, '06 7:24pm PST 
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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > New site for Urgent animals in Georgia


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Donner - RIP You will- never be

Donner - Human in a- dobies body!
Barked: Fri Nov 18, '05 11:47am PST 
Me too me too !!!! I can't wait. Ok I need to lay off the coffee.
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