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Harley- Bones-Angel- in Heaven

Beautiful Lady
Barked: Tue Aug 30, '11 2:05pm PST 
how do I respond to a comment on one of my diary entries please?
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Dog Laws & Legislation > JUSTICE FOR MAC - PLEASE HELP US
Angel MAC

Barked: Tue Aug 5, '08 4:53am PST 
I would like to tell you about the petition which has been set up for MAC a Golden Retriever, who was tortured to death in N Ireland by a monster in October 2006. This monster has been released on bail and is due to appeal in September!!! This is the link to the petition: PLEASE PLEASE SIGN IT and send it on to as many people all over the world as you can.

He has a residency at Rainbows Bridge too where people can visit him and leave messages in his guest book: please visit Mac and you will see the outpouring of grief and horror at the way he died and was treated in his short life.

This is the link to the website in Ireland where his so called owners live 8.ece;jsessionid=567B230FC5E01622D8B042C63B79F1D5?postingType=postin g&mode=thanks&postingId=13919628 I know it only tells part of his story but we have to fight for justice for this dog and all the others who have suffered and are suffering at the hands of monsters like these.

Anything you can do to publicise this petition and tell Mac's story would be very much appreciated. We have to put his torturer behind bars and not let him go free. We have an ever increasing following all over the world and need help to get the ball rolling and get Justice for Mac.

Thank you for anything that you can do, we really need some help over here and in N Ireland where the petition began.

Thank you Zara and Lelja

little angel
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