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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > STOLEN!!! From Charlotte, NC BE ON THE LOOKOUT!

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Barked: Mon Apr 10, '06 12:21pm PST 
this is what was posted.

Angie Henderson wrote:
Here's the full story Liz posted on the PRT Forum last night:

This has been the craziest day I can remember in my entire life. I am
grateful to God to have my boys back home. I'm grateful for all of your
prayers. I am grateful to have a wonderful group of supportive friends
who have gone all out to help us recover Tyke and Desi. I am grateful
to the unnamed man in Charlotte who, for whatever reason, phoned
Beverly's mother.

I have to talk to the police in Charlotte-Mecklenburg county tomorrow,
but here are a few details.

My name and telephone number is on ALL of my crates clearly marked in
LARGE letters with a sharpie. There was also a air bill with Beverly's
name, address and phone number still attached to the crate and that is
where this man got Bev's contact information. So I imagine 2 names and
telephone numbers were confusing at best. It was a stroke of luck that
Bonnie Edison called Bev to tell her about Tyke's theft and that is
when Bev's mother told Bonnie about a strange call from a man that
lives in Charlotte who wanted to talk with Beverly about a Jack Russell
Terrier. I think he left the message on her answering machine and said
he would call back, which he did.

The man who called Beverly and got Bev's mother did give his first
name, address and what I thought was probably a cell phone number
because it didn't come up on their caller ID. I phoned him and the
description matched my boys. He said he had paid for the dogs and
wanted the money back he had paid and that was all he wanted. He said
the dogs were in their crates safely at his house. I callled Susan who
had been in contact with the police and Fox Charlotte television
station. And Suzy is correct that I rarely turn a television on. Once a
week is about it for me. I just am not a TV watcher at all and never
have been. At any rate I gave Susan the man's first name, his address
and telephone number. We thought it was probably a cell phone number
and it was. I told her if she didn't hear from us by 9 PM to call the
police because we were either dead or in big trouble. This area was,
according to the police, the worst part of Charlotte to go into, and we
had been told not to go near that area. The female police woman said
she doesn't go in alone EVER. Nevertheless, when one is confronted with
getting a living creature that you love back your choices are to risk
sending the police in and never seeing your dog again or risking your
own safety. I decided I couldn't risk Tyke's and Desi's lives. Stupid
perhaps but it did work out. And since Susan, Bonnie and Bev's mom knew
the address we were going to and the telephone number it would have
been dumber for anyone to hurt us.

When we drove up the man was standing outside of his house obviously
waiting for us and pacing. He didn't want us to go inside (hey, that
worked since we weren't going to anyway) but he brought out the larger
crate with Desi, our 9 month old puppy in it. He then told us that one
of his friends had the "other dog" and was going to bring him right
over. He said that he had too many dogs and he needed to move one of
them temporarily out. He phoned his friend who said he would be there
in 10 minutes. Thirty minutes later no dog. This man called his friend
several times and by this point it was 8:45 PM, just 15 minutes before
Susan was going to call the police and send them in.

I can't even imagine the worry that Susan was going through wondering
if we were dead or alive because we should have been able to get the
boys and be out of there by 7 PM. Finally, I told them man that I
needed to call "a friend" because if I didn't by 9 PM she was going to
phone the police to come find us. The man walked back into his house
and made a phone call to his friend. I imagine he was saying something
like "Get that dog back NOW because the cops are going to be screaming
in here in 15 minutes". I literally had to beg Susan not to call the
police and told her to give us a bit more time because the man was
supposed to be driving up any minute. It was another 15 minutes and
Lynn and I were getting REAL nervous by now, but the man assured us
that Tyke would be delivered. The friend finally did arrive with my
sweet Tyke in his crate. Seems his daugher wanted to and planned on
keeping Tyke as her pet. He was sporting a brand new flea collar and
obviously had been well fed. Tyke is a chow hound and boy was he full.
The friend and his daughter did not get out of their SUV but Lynn
grabbed the crate as soon as it was lifted out of their vehicle, I
counted out the cash required to get my dogs back and called Susan from
his phone. This time I made the call to Susan on his house line on a
portable phone.

Here is another point where miracles happen. We aren't in the habbit of
having hundreds and hundreds of dollars on us. Lynn had, for some
unknown reason, cashed a large paycheck and had the cash. Lynn NEVER
has cash on her. She just doesn't, but today she had a boatload of cash
and so I had the cash readily available.

I don't know who is guilty and who isn't. I don't believe this man who
made the call to Bev's mom was involved in breaking into my truck and
stealing the 2 boys because we had a cell phone number and his address
(or at least someone's address). This man has small children and his 2
year old son was riding his bike calling him "Daddy". I do believe he
knows who did but honestly, at this point I just don't care because I
have my boys back safe and sound. Whether this was a planned scam I
don't know. His house was less than a mile from the Motel 6. I can tell
you when someone has your animals you will do whatever you believe you
need to do to keep them safe, not at risk and get them back alive and
unharmed. Perhaps tomorrow I'll be thinking more clearly, but right now
Lynn and I are both exhausted, head pounding from crying and grateful
beyond any words I can come up with to have my boys back. I believe we
came really close to not getting Tyke back at all. I also wonder if one
of these terriers had been a female instead of 2 males if we would have
seen them again.

This morning the probability of getting our boys back was zero in my
mind. When I walked into my back door and looked at my boys' empty
crates I really lost it. Tonight they are home and safe, do not seem
stressed and their tails are wagging furiously.

A zillion thanks to Bonnie, Pam (Bev's mom), Susan Reaney who was not
quite a much of an hysterical mess as I was but she wasn't far behind
either and always to my wonderful, supportive sister Lynn. If you don't
have a sister like mine you have missed one of life's greatest
blessings. Many thanks to Kelly who was so supportive and able to
remain more rational than I was (boy is that an understatement). Kelly
was able to tell the Charlotte police about the questionable security
officers at the motel. Thanks to Jennie Ledbetter who owns 2 Parsons
and came up with some cracking ideas and was tons of support. And to
anyone who really did pray for the safe return of our boys, please know
that prayer works and sometimes miracles do happen. I am overwhelmed by
the number of emails on my machine which will take me at least a day to
go through. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Isn't it Palm
Sunday? By the grace of God! I will talk with corporate Motel 6 (a
French based company), the police and God knows who else tomorrow.

For now I am going to see if I can find some kind of knock out pill to
take and go to bed with a bed full of terriers. Only problem is I don't
think I have anything like that in the house because I don't keep or
take anything like that, and since I don't drink I can't hit the bottle
either not that I want to or that's any solution. But hey, I'll take
being sober, semi-sane (still questionable at this point in time), safe
and with my two beautiful boys back home. Praise God!

As I told Lynn as we made the turn onto my road, "I would give a lot to
have a dull, uneventful life right now." I am going to bed and I hope I
don't wake up until at least 10.

P.S. I don't know how much sense any of this makes. I'm not thinking
straight and I know I'm not terribly articulate right now, so I
apologize if this post is a mess
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Other Barks & Woofs > Dog Expert

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Controversy has been removed.
I love it.
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Other Barks & Woofs > Pink


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Barked: Sun Mar 12, '06 1:09pm PST 
Geez Snowy... you must have done something aweful to deserve this... You poor thing.
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New to Dogster/Tips & Tricks > Just a couple of suggestions for HQ re: Group Boards...


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Barked: Sat Jan 7, '06 10:06pm PST 
I came in to ask for a way to put a link to the group on my page but you beat me to it smile

All you other suggestions are excellent too!!

How about it HQ?
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What I Love About Dogster > Where are all the herders?!


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Lol Jack!!!! I did the same thing to a couple of standard white poodles once..... how embarrassing
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Other Barks & Woofs > For my good friends on Dogster

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Happy and Merry holidays Morgan!

Stay beautiful smile
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Service & Therapy Dogs > HELP! Someone was very very rude to us!


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Barked: Tue Dec 20, '05 12:12pm PST 
Wow... just wow...
I just read **most** of this thread and I am simply appalled. I guess I never thought that there might be places that would not welcome a service dog. Just never occured to me for some reason...

I can't believe the people in that restaurant were so incredibly rude to you.
I can't believe your struggle to get some justice and this issue recognized is taking such great effort and is so seemingly fruitless and difficult.

I hope your efforts don't go unnoticed and you hear back from all those you tried to contact with some good news.
Best of luck to you, keep on fighting!!!
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Behavior & Training > PLEASE....need advice on border collie!


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Barked: Mon Dec 19, '05 11:16am PST 
could it be that he's trying to herd your cat?
Maybe he has too much energy... as border collies often do and is trying to entertain himself by chasing the cat

Is there a way you can separate them? put them in different rooms so they don't chase around after each other?
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Other Barks & Woofs > Very Exciting


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Thanks Shadow!
You are too kind smile
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Other Barks & Woofs > Very Exciting

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My page hit 2,000 visitors over the weekend. This is very exciting!!!

Thank you all who stopped by and looked at my page, I hope you enjoyed it smile

Shake, tryin to keep it fresh
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