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Behavior & Training > Fostering a puppy - can't figure if he's being submissive, aggressive or dominant


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Dr. Watson - No one knows the age of the puppy and they said his litter mates didn't make it...not sure if they were found dead or put down. And the mother wasn't around when they were found. I heard from a trainer at a local pet store saying that body slamming means "dominance" and did read up on some articles saying its a method of playing...that's why I was confused. I do appreciate your response smile

"Charlie" - I'll definitely look into reading up on some books especially about puppies...haven't had a puppy in years. So used to older dogs. Thank you for your response as well. By the way, he is a rambunctious pup.

Tiller - I was a little worried only because I do want him to go to a forever home and don't want him to go back to the shelter because of a bad behavior. Thank you for your response too! smile
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Behavior & Training > Fostering a puppy - can't figure if he's being submissive, aggressive or dominant

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I have three dogs of my own and fostering a puppy. My cocker spaniel who's the Alpha of the two doesn't go near the puppy and already nipped him and he stopped bothering her. My two lab mixes play with him and he likes to bite my chocolate/white dog on his neck and my gray dog puts him in his place and he stops and then licks the inside of my gray dogs mouth but then when my gray dog sees that he back down he'll walk away and the puppy will get up, run towards him and bump my gray dog with the side of his body and tries to mount him. His tail is always up too, I see that he's being submissive but then tries to be I guess dominant. I'm kinda confused about the way he acts because either a dog is dominant or submissive...not both. I mean I could be wrong because I never seen something like this. I do correct him in a humane way when I see him do that and he does stop. He's not toy or food aggressive either. I just want to know what I can do to train him or stop the behavior. Thank you all!
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