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Warning-Long Post

Cali is a 6yr old male who has ongoing issues with yeast infections, ear infections, and paw licking.
Stella is a 3yr old female who has always been healthy with no issues.
Both are from the same breeder and come from the same mother but from two different fathers.

They have always been up to date on all vaccinations and heart worm.

We've had a lot of problems with Cali, but both of these dogs are our lives and we"ll do whatever it takes to provide them a happy healthy life. We have a large stack of vet receipts from the last 6 years and are still dealing with the same problems. We are hoping to get some helpful information from the community to point us in the right direction.

I will try and keep Cali's background brief and to the point.

Starting at around age 2 we have been to several different vets several different times all because of ear infections. He's had yeast infections spread from his ears to paws to mouth.

Medications prescribed for ear infections
11/26/08- Otomax 15 gm Ointment (stow vet)
2/13/09- Dermalone Ointment (burton vet)
5/18/09- Recommended to see a dermatologist
5/26/09- Conofite/Synotic Ear Soln (dermatologist)
6/3/10- Gastrotomy/Enterotomy/Emergency Surgery to remove foreign object from Intestine. (great lakes ER/stow vet)
10/18/11- Triz Ultra w/keto & Mometamax 7.5 grm (burton vet)
4/24/12- Dermalone Ointment 7.5mg tube (burton vet)
6/16/12- Otomax 30gr (stow vet)
11/26/12- Posatex 7.5g tube (burton vet)

Food History
1/2008-1/2010 Science Diet Sensitive Skin-Dry
Switched because both dogs had ongoing yellowish vomit.
On and off ear infections, light yellowish/green build up/liquid when cleaned with a q-tip. 50% of the ear infections that he would get you could hear the liquid in his ear when he moved or shook his head.

1/2011-10/2012 Science Diet Sensitive Stomach Dry.
Switch because we finally realized that Science Diet is garbage food despite multiple vets recommending it. On and off ear infections, light yellowish/green build up/liquid when cleaned with a q-tip. 50% of the ear infections that he would get you could hear the liquid in his ear when he moved or shook his head.

11/2012-12/2012 Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Duck & Potato Dry
Both dogs were on this for 3 weeks. Cali's paws are now brown and he's constantly licking them. He has an ear infection in both ears in which you can hear the liquid in one of them. What's really different is that instead of light yellowish/green build up/liquid, it's now dark brown. This is the first time he's ever had this color of build up in his ear. I immediately stopped using this food and started looking for a new food. I don't care how much the dog food costs, I just want him to live a healthy life.

I'm committed to find a solution and will do whatever it takes at this point.

I bought the following foods:
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Chicken Recipe (dry)
Cali ate this for 2 days and he seems to like it. Will it fix his current issues?? I don't know...

Canidae Grain Free Pure Sea with Salmon Meal (dry)
Have yet to try this, I may just return it since I haven't opened it.

Natures Variety Instinct Grain Free Beef Formula (canned)
Both dogs have been eating this for 2 days now and they both absolutely love it. However, I don't know if this is the route I should stick with to see if his situation improves any?? Nor do I know if canned food is the way to go since this is my first experience with it.

As of 12/18/12 I've eliminated the treats we've been feeding them and have switched to baby cut carrots which I place in a container with ice water and refrigerate. (Recommended by

I'm also interested in the Westie Diet from but I don't know if its more for skin related issues.

Have any of you Westie owners had similar problems and found something that worked for you or have any suggestions..

Thanks for reading, it took me hours to dig up all the information and write this, I tried to keep it as short as possible.
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