Shaved my Terrapoo - Does he need a jacket?

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Barked: Wed Jan 12, '11 6:40am PST 
We have a one year old Terrapoo - he weighs about 16 lbs. We live in snow country and he was getting terrible snowballs all over his fur when we took him out. (He loves to play in the snow but the snowballs are aweful!) We took him to a groomer and she pretty much shaved him! His fur is really short all over his torso - like a poodle cut or even shorter. I am putting a fleece jacket on him when we go out. But I wonder about indoors. It's about 60 inside while we are at work and at night while we sleep. I think I might need to keep a sweater on him during those times too, until his fur grows out. Any comments?