Poodle coat question

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Hi, I'm Gus! I'm 4 months old, and weigh 7 pounds. My mom was told I am a poodle mix but someone said I might be all poodle. They said I looked like a phantom poodle. Mom's been wondering where I got my markings puppyLOL

My coat is fine and wavy, but sometimes gets curly like when my mom gives me a bath. But she combs it and it goes wavy again. Are poodle puppies born with curly coats? Or do they become curlier as they get older?

I have 3 sisters (other people adopted them) and they were white or cream colored. I don't know if they are curly or not.

Should my mom be combing my hair? What kind of brush/comb is best for poodle hair?

Thanks a bunch!


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Barked: Wed Apr 28, '10 12:44pm PST 
Hi Gus!

I am a miniature poodle, almost 6 months old. My mom brushes my coat with a slicker brush and combs it with a straight metal comb every other day or sometimes every three days. If she doesn't, I can get tangled! I also get a bath and blow dry every one to two weeks, but that's because my mom likes me being extra clean!

Gus looks like he could be a poodle mix, especially if his hair is fine and wavy, rather than curly, but poodle puppies can have softer coats that gradually become more coarse and curly over time. So maybe Gus will have a curlier coat when he gets older.

He is so very cute!
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Hi furriend wave

About your coat question here is a little info: A puppies coat starts out as fluffy and wavy. Their curly hair doesn't come in until they are about 8 months old. However, some poodles may retain the soft puppy coat as an adult. Also, there may be a combination of the soft puppy hair and the adult curly hair.

The poodle breed is considered hypoallergenic and does well with those who have allergies. A trip to the groomers can be expected about every 8 weeks.

The term "phantom poodle" does not refer to a specific breed or size of poodle, only to its color and markings. Phantom poodles are bi-colored, with the similar markings as a Doberman or Miniature Pincher. That is, they have a lighter color appearing on their "eyebrows," muzzle and throat, legs and feet and below their tail. Phantoms are now recognized in the UKC show ring.

Phantom poodles come in various color combinations. Black can be combined with apricot, brown, cream, gray, red and silver. Brown and red can both be combined with apricot.

Hope this info helps hug