Can Anyone Give Me Some Info on Miniature Poodles?

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Barked: Thu Apr 8, '10 4:37pm PST 
Riley & Guest,

I have both a Toy & Minature poodle. Both Fozzie & Toto in my opinion are correct in regards to finding the right dog for you. I researched both breeders extensively for Pacey and Buddy. I would have bought a second poodle from Pacey's breeder, however, by the time I was ready, she had retired. I was so bummed, her daughter was going to take the lines over, but she had some personal things come up and was unable to continue what her mother had achieved. My Buddy however, comes from a very reputible breeder, I was able to meet both parents, and have the DNA testing on the parents as well, also even after a year, I am still in contat with the breeder and sending her updates (Guest if you would like more info on her, please feel free to pmail me and I can get you the info, it would be a little bit of a drive from LA, but she is in the San Bernardino county area).

Riley, Pacey is a certified therapy dog and she always brings a smile to her patients faces. I can honestly say that I had some concerns with a small dog voluntering as a therapy dog, but it has turned into a rewarding and wonderful exeperince. And, some of the childrens facilities we visit she is the most popular dog. The little girls just love her and her "fanciness" I guess you would call it. I highly recommend a poodle as a therapy dog.
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