Poodles as a 3rd dog in house?

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Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Thu Jan 8, '09 11:48am PST 
We already own one full blood yellow lab, and a mixed breed shepherd rescue pup. We want to make it a company of 3. One possibility is a mixed breed mini-pooodle/who knows what?

From your experience with poodles - does they fit into mixed packs? Are they best as solo dogs? How many of you have a mixed pack that includes a poodle?

Audrey the clown
Barked: Wed Feb 25, '09 5:27pm PST 
We have a golden retriever as well as our poodle. They are best friends and seem to think they are the same kind of dog. They also play well with my daughters Boston terrier and neighbors boxer. I'm sure they would let them move right in if they could so they could play all day. I think it would depend on the temperment of your first two dogs.
I would recommend bringing in a puppy if possible rather than an adult.

cheese please!
Barked: Sat Feb 28, '09 11:08am PST 
A poodle mix sounds great, my two dogs are both poodles but they play great with all sorts of breeds and love to be with other dogs as long as they're not being pushed around to much by another dog.