Blue Poodles

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Barked: Sat Sep 22, '07 6:02am PST 
Just wondering what all you fellow Poodle Lovers think about Blue Poodles. I am trying to choose between a silver and a blue to add to my family.

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Barked: Mon Dec 10, '07 5:17pm PST 
I would recomend a blue poodle . I have had two of them . I never had a silver but they might be like a aptricot since they are a rare color people dont breed for personality

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Barked: Mon Jan 14, '08 3:20pm PST 
They're both beautiful. I would try to find the best breeder of both and go from there. I've always wanted a silver standard .


Barked: Tue Feb 12, '08 5:13pm PST 
I'm a silver standard bred in Canada....My mom, of course, thinks I'm fabulous. I came into the home at 8.5weeks old and acted like I'd always belonged. Mom says I'm the only baby she's had that adjusted so well the first night....no crying or wimpering at all...just happy go lucky. Now that I'm full grown...I'm very calm and a very good watchdog...beautiful temperment.
My sister, Sonja, is a blue standard and she is a registered therapy dog...which I will soon follow suit.
My mom really researched standard poodle breeders...about a year...before deciding.

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Barked: Wed Feb 13, '08 3:36pm PST 
Is there personality difference for different colours?
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Barked: Thu Feb 14, '08 9:28pm PST 
I know what i've heard...I don't know if it's true...but Reds are supose to be more shy and fearful. That's somewhat true with me but I wasn't socialized by my first family...so the age old question is nature or nurture? Mom's an advocate of both.

My blue sister, Sonja, is a wonderful, calm therapy dog. Jasper who is silver is awesome with moms 5yr old niece.

I think a better "test" for temperment is to meet the parents if at all possible. Me, Sumo and Hershey are rescues so that wasn't possible...so mom had Sonja and Jasper "evaluate" us to see if we fit into the pack with no problems.

Bottom line...meet the breeder, the sire and dam, see where and how the pups are raised...if you feel good about those things...you probably won't go wrong.way to go

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Barked: Sun Apr 13, '08 7:37am PST 
I'm a red, hence the name, and yes I'm a little shy and fearful. wink
I will bark and bark but usually at dogs or people who can't get to me' like through the window.wink

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Barked: Tue Feb 10, '09 8:07pm PST 
I have a blue male and a silver and white parti. I love them both. Actually I have blue puppies.
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Barked: Mon Mar 23, '09 7:50am PST 
We have two blue's and two blacks (all 4 are rescues) and I haven't really noticed a difference in temperament. They're all awesome!