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Beanie Weinie - Born to play
Barked: Wed Jan 13, '10 7:21pm PST 
Hello I have a solid black dapple and was wondering if anyone has this color also. Its a very strange color.

Barked: Wed Feb 10, '10 11:39am PST 
i'm a red dapple

I love to- cuddle!
Barked: Sun Feb 21, '10 11:42am PST 
Hi. I think that my friend Jonny and I are the most "common" color, red, short-hair. But Jonny tells me that his sister was a cream color and dapple. His other sister was red, long-hair. One of our puppies was a cute baby girl with long curly hair but she was red too. You just never know what you will get with us Doxies! We are having more puppies. I can't wait to see what colors and pawterns we have this time! Mommy says I am 'due' in August, whatver that means...