Need some help with my dogs breed

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Oasis Mirage
Barked: Sun May 2, '10 2:04am PST 
OK, so I adopted my dog Mirage from the Human Society about 6 months ago. She was about 20 lbs when I got her, I was told that she would get close to 80 lbs, however now 6 months later she's only about 25-30lbs, so I'm pretty sure she's full grown now, but that's off topic heh.

Basically I was content to not worry about what breed she is. but I'm sitting here watching dogs 101 and they were talking about the breed Xoloitzcuintli, and the body type and mannerisms were just like her. So I googled images of the Xolo specifically Coated ones and I think I found what breed she is. but I'd like some more opinions on it.

Thanks for any help!

-Cel & Mirage