My Iggy--Laryngeal Paralysis????

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Barked: Thu Aug 30, '12 12:24am PST 
Help all! My baby (11 year old Italian Greyhound) recently experienced a prolonged episode of labored breathing. She's had these episodes before, but they usually only last a few seconds (heave...shakey lips...heave...shakey lips...heave...HACK!). But this last time lasted about 20 mins...so clearly I had her in the car and was en route to vet between minutes 10-15. My girl's freaky breathing seemed to regulate in the car, or rather switch to her "I'm In A Moving Car!!!!" mode...and she maintained that throughout vet visit (open mouth...panting...but no chest heaving or labored breathing). The vet (same clinic, but not her usual doc as it was an emergency visit) checked her out, did chest x-rays and blood work, and told me that she thought it was laryngeal paralysis--a condition that most frequently presents in labs and other large breeds. My dog does have hypothyroidism and has been taking medication for it for a couple of years...and from what I've looked up, the two disorders (laryngeal paralysis and hypothyroidism) are linked, but only in big dogs.
I can't seem to find another instance of laryngeal paralysis in an Italian Greyhound...
My girl is due to go in for more diagnostic testing ($$$$ for me and stress on her) in a couple of days to figure out IF this is the problem...then surgery to follow if it is.
Does anyone have a similar experience? I want my baby to be okay, and can't stand thinking that she's not. HOWEVER, I literally cannot find any other instance of an Iggy with this problem. Maybe someone out there can offer advice/relate??