October 4 2013 Show and Tell Friday!

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Barked: Fri Oct 4, '13 10:07am PST 
snoopy Happy Fridays Puppers!!!!
Does any pup have some great plans for this weekend. We're expecting really nice weather over the weekend so I'm hoping for some sunbathing and good walks.

Did I mention that the cleaners found my winter coat??? Yeah they did. They lost it last winter and all my spots were showing.

Mom doesn't know why but for a long while my fur was looking bad. I had patches of sparse fur here and there--like on my thighs and stomach area. Once the vet thought she had already shaved me for my dental appointment and lump removals. But she didn't. My fur just looked bad. Mom thought for sure it was my thyroid but every test came up with only a very slight elevation of my thyroid and it wasn't enough to put me on medication.

I don't know but I think I was seriously stressed out last year with the passing of banners and my loneliness of being home alone while mom and dad was at work. Anyways, it seems like for the last few months, my fur has really gotten better and its filling out and you can hardly see my summer spots!

Now my mom is running her hands through my neck coat and she likes it and so do I. I like getting massages from mom.

So what do you all have planned for the weekend????

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Barked: Fri Oct 4, '13 2:23pm PST 
HI Talker 'n' All Pals!
I'm gonna be home all weekend with my Mommy 'n' Daddy 'n' that's just how I like it. Mommy took me on my afternoon walk today 'n' if I'm really lucky, Daddy will take me on my Late Afternoon walk. He's playing golf AGAIN, but with fall here now 'n' the days getting shorter 'n' cooler, he won't be able to do that much longer. I'm looking forward to sleeping (when I'm not walking or eating) in my sunbeam which has magically reappeared on my "special spot" just like it does this time every year! I wish the sunbeam would stay there all year long, but I guess it likes to travel...sorta like my folks do, I guess. Have a great time this weekend, y'all!!!hug
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Barked: Sat Oct 5, '13 10:15pm PST 
Hi Shaki!!! Sounds like a good week is coming your way! Also, those fall days are going to be gorgeous!

way to go


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Barked: Sun Oct 6, '13 12:43pm PST 
Well we watched some Husker football yesterday one tv and they won BIG! The weather here in Nebraska has been BAD, there was a tornado about 20 miles from our house on Thursday night and then there were more tornadoes Friday night up where my mom's neice lives now. It is getting chilly here too it is like high's in the upper 50's. It was so chilly in the house yesterday that I liked having my Husker shirt on. wink Mom got so pics she will post them.
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Barked: Mon Oct 7, '13 11:33am PST 
You stay safe and sound Clea -- you and your family.

I watched my dodger win last night!! blue dog Go Dodger Blue. Dad is really happy with his dodgers. This could be iT!!!

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Barked: Thu Oct 10, '13 1:32pm PST 
relieved We've been busy with Dad's family visit...again. I lucked out and got to eat a pair of underwear although I prefer socks. Keyah didn't get anything. They tried saying that Keyah and I were badly educated and Mom said that we're fine and Dad's family is badly educated because they keep leaving stuff out for us. Mom had reached her limit with them. 2 weeks of any guest is too long, but these guests are not easy. Dad thinks they are, but he's not the one trying to sleep while they're up late making lots of noise.

Mom got her car back. We haven't gotten to ride in it yet. Maybe this weekend! It was expensive. And now she thinks she has a cavity. This is the first one in 20 years, and she's not happy. That will also be expensive.

So, Mom's been stressed out mostly. She did find a good book called The Dance of Anger which is really good. It's a self help book. She saysI should read it too because I'm a grump. She also keeps threatening to put me on doggie prozac. shrug

I'm just grumpt because Dad says I gained weight and need to go on a diet. Dad thinks I'm getting less exercise, but that's not it. It's just that I've learned to chase the cat right after she eats so that she pukes and I get an extrea breakfast! happy dancehappy dance
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Barked: Thu Oct 10, '13 8:32pm PST 
Patan don't let your dad read this. But you're mom is right...two weeks of visiting family? That's a lot of stress on your household, you keyah and mom. And you're mom is right. How dare they call you and Keyah uneducated. Why I happen to know that you're very educated. You and Keyah got your smarts from somewhere right? You're mom is right that it's them who have come into your home. You're pawrents don't leave socks and underwear lying around, right. Nope and that's cuz they're smart.

Big Daddy is getting a tooth pulled at the end of the month. Mom doesn't like going to the dentist and to find a cavity or some other procedure that has to be done, always stresses mom out. So we can imagine what you're mom is feeling.

I think you and your mom need a road trip! Come to Kalifornia and rest your mind, soul and body. hug