Pit puppy training


Barked: Thu Jul 25, '13 5:05pm PST 
Hello everyone! I decided to start a thread here, its so quiet for having as many members as it does! puppy

I wanted to bring up the subject of training because thats what we are concentrating on most lately. I was wondering if any of you needed tips or had any to share with each other, I thought it was a good topic for a thread. I am only 8weeks old so I'm only learning about my name and not to bite so hard, if any of you have tips for it, that would be gggreat thanks!snoopy

Also, here in Albuquerque we have a training group called 505 pit crew. Its free for anyone 20 and under and moms heard it is a great place. We were referred from our animal humane. I was really curious if any of you had free training where you are at? and if not, do you think you should?