Prayers, Support, Encouragement and Positive Thoughts for Dante

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Abigail "In- Loving- Memory"

Mom & Dad's- Valentine
Barked: Thu Jul 4, '13 7:46am PST 
Here's the spot to leave all your support, encouragement, and positive thoughts for Dante as he deals with the diagnosis of bladder cancer. And maybe he'll post updates here as well as his own thread.

See ya, Abi

Barked: Thu Jul 4, '13 7:49am PST 
Dante, Mom says to tell you that you are in our thoughts and prayers , we love you big guy big hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hughughughughughughug
Angel Felix

Happy Little Guy
Barked: Thu Jul 4, '13 7:49am PST 
omd I'm shocked to hear of this news Dante. You hang in there buddy we are all praying for you and thinking positive thoughts for you my Friend!!!hughug

Kyra (In- Memory)

More to Love!
Barked: Thu Jul 4, '13 8:00am PST 
In support for Canine Cancer Awareness

The left coast is sending positive thoughts allllll across the country to our right coast familyhug

Bye Bye, Kyra
Abby CGC

Big and- Beautiful
Barked: Thu Jul 4, '13 8:03am PST 
big hug love and prayers big hug
Bullet- R.I.P.

foster- failure... mom- caved
Barked: Thu Jul 4, '13 8:31am PST 
hugme and my sissers are sending love and prayers. my mom is alsohug
Walker- (Angel Boy)

Barked: Thu Jul 4, '13 8:48am PST 
hug We are praying for you Dante hug Love you big guy kissingbig hug
Walker & Family

We ALL deserve- loving families!
Barked: Thu Jul 4, '13 9:20am PST 
From Dante's Mom and Dad,
Thank you everyone for all your love and support. Receiving this news (yet again in this house 4 dogs, 4 cancer diagnoses...can't wrap our heads around it) has been tough to say the least. Bogey had the same cancer but his was in a different part of the bladder so his prognosis was not good as evidenced by the fact that we found out he had it on a Monday and he left us on Saturday of the same week.
This has been an extremely difficult year for our family thusfar in SOOO many ways that we haven't even shared with our RR friends and there are some days when we say "WHY?" then we cry, and then we go on as there is no other alternative. Even our vet said he couldn't believe he had to tell us again that one of our dogs had the Big C. We feel that it was very hard for him to tell us.
ON the positive side,
Dante is a FIGHTER! We will keep everyone posted and with some luck (and his Chinese meds) his tumor will shrink which will hopefully give him a good quality of life for a long time. Our vet says that this type of cancer normally does not spread and it is a matter of keeping the mass from growing so that is what we are working hard to do. He has many more gigs to play and more costumes to wear!
We love you all,
Cathy and Phil and of course, Dante!! xoxox
Max aka- Gator Lips- the Swamp

Gator Lips the- Swamp Dawg hear- me Roar
Barked: Thu Jul 4, '13 9:27am PST 

Dante My Pupper Pal You and Your Family are in our Thoughts and Prayers!!!!
Com-on Big Dawg we know you can Kick this "C's" Butt....

Rottie Leans and Hugs
Max aka Gator Lips the Swamp Dawg

Barked: Thu Jul 4, '13 9:42am PST 
Dante- We all love you so much and know that your brothers are helping you fight this with all you have! We will definitely be sending power of the paw your way! Please keep us updated. Big hugs to the mom and dad! hughughughughughughug
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