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Timber ish DDP Doggie today and thish wash in her diary:frown

04/24/13 - Had a bad day, too. I can barely walk and my right leg is very weak. Mommy wraps the leash around my waist so she can steady me to walk. I can only walk with her help now.

There ish more, and I don't shee anything in it, but catster shaid there wash wordsh not rated sho they could not printsh them. I kept deleting and thish part above wash acceptableshrug Pawleashe read the resht of her diary entry. It ish heartbreaking.frown

Timber ish 15 yearsh old, if I recall correctly, and hash No furiendsh. Pawleashe lend a paw of shupport. Thanksh you.meditate

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Oh how sad....hard to understand the writing....but none the less, angels on the wya.
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Awwww....I'm off to see if I can read it. I'll stop by Timbers page


edited to add: I feel bad for Timber. She is obviously not doing well. My heart is breaking for her. It's obvious how much she is loved too hug

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Yesh, thanksh you Jazzi and Scooter.big hug
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Timber wash Diary of the Day Doggie today and theshe were the 2 entries from May 6:cry

May 1, 2013 The Angels are calling - SET ME FREE – Today is the day. Mommy would not leave my side all day and gave me lots of medication to help with the pain and help me sleep. She made me waffles for breakfast. She gave me a piece but it did not have syrup on it and the next one did. I love waffles. Mommy did not want to take me outside to pee-pee. She was scared it would take too much out of me and have another seizure. She picked me up and help me stand. With a little help I could stand and mommy was happy. She encouraged me to pee-pee on the pad. I wanted to be a good dog and not pee-pee in the house but she said it was OK. She pet me and told me I was a good girl. She hugged me and kissed me all day. Around 4:00 I took a for the worst. I was inconsolable. She’d picked me up and helped me move around the bed. All I want to do is run and be a dog. She would calm me down. She told me if daddy did not come home by 5 she would call the vet to have him come sooner. Daddy called and I calmed down for a while. I saw mommy go out the door and straded to see her. Where are you going I need you – don’t leave me. Daddy saw I wanted to see mommy and he turned the bed around so I could still see her. She came right back in with two other people. Oh – It’s the vet. I don’t want to leave yet.
The vet gave me something and now I feel real calm. I can still feel mommy petting me and talking to me. “Timber it’s going to be alright now. Go home and play. Go where there is no pain or sadness and be a dog again – run free and know we will be together again someday.”

May 1, 2013 - 6:30pm

My spirit is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good-bye Timber. We will never forget the love and happiness you gave us. Your life and love will live in our hearts forever. We will love you forever and ever. Peace be with you and be free my baby.

Pawleashe lend a paw of shupport to the family.meditate Thanksh you.hug

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