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Fizgig ish Diary of the Day Kitty and this wash in hish diary:

A Sad Passing
April 24th 2013 7:10 pm

We are sorry to inform all of Fizzy's friends that he has passed from this world to the next. He lived a happy life of nearly 12 years and fell ill rather quickly and sadly within a week he was gone.

It was possibly one of the hardest things I have every had to go through (expect the loss of my brother).

The morning he passed, he ate some tuna and drank some water, after days of forced feeding. It was a warm sunny day here so I opened the door to the entry (his favorite spot). He managed to get off his chair but could not get on his stool. He had been walking with a limp for about a week. He would meow (he only meowed when upset). I tried to help him, but he cried and started to seize.

My heart strings were not only tearing, but they were being ripped a sunder. I spread him out on the carpet and after a few seconds he was okay. This repeated several times that afternoon. My husband was two hours away and with someone else so he could not return to help. Luckily my mother came to help me. She doted on him and tried to keep him comfy.

The last seizure was terrifying, I sat nearby and cried. Our younger cat, would dart into the entry way and then run and hide. Fizzy silently passed just as the sun set.

My father gathered him up to be buried with the other pets from years past. Then just a few days after Fizzy was laid to rest, my father lost his precious Sheba (a nearly 18 years old calico). They are resting side by side.

I have many regrets. Many "what ifs" and "should I haves". In the end I did the best I could for him.

Pawleashe lend a paw of shupport. He hash 14 furiendsh. Thanksh you.

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Angels on the way...find it really sad he suffered so much....
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That is so sad....I am sorry he suffered in the end too. I'm not sure why he didn't go to the vet, but it's not my place. I'm on my way and I'll have spirit send a friend request as well


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Thanksh you CK and Scooter!big hug