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Cassie- (R.I.P- 12/4/12)

Barked: Thu Apr 11, '13 6:45am PST 

Tomorrow will be one year since Cassie has left us. It was a difficult time for us and you all know. I have never before had to make the decision to put a dog to sleep and always dreaded the subject.

Then our Cassie got sick and after a while I noticed that she was really unwell and I hated to see her in discomfort and on her last night with us I noticed she was feeling pain. The next day she was collapsing on the floor and did not go to the toilet since the evening before.

My husband and I with tears in our eyes knew what to do. We took her to our vet and they made her comfortable and she died in our arms. The pain was awful. The guilt even worse. I was trully sorry to have had to make that call. But deep down I know we save her a lot of more pain and discomfort. It was just hard to let her go.

At that time we had reserved a puppy who ended up being born the same day our Cassie went. Funny how things work. That night while we felt horrible we got a phone call from the breeder saying our puppy was born.

Now Amber is with us and she will be one year old too. It is a bittersweet April 12.

Thanks for all your support!
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my prayers are with you. hughughughughughughughug
i so understand everything you are feeling.. i never thought i would have to make that decision with my droopy. certainly never thought it would happen so young, only 7 years old. it came without any warning.. full of life & happiness & then out of nowhere collasping in a horrific seizure. my world changed in a split second. three days we tried everything & the seizures just kept coming. on the third day my droopy was paralyzied on one side & blind.. no longer could eat.. i was numb with shock.. i knew it was not how she wanted to be & i could not let her suffer one more seizure.. this sept.21st will be two years since that day & the pain is still fresh in my heart.
to have to make that decision is the most heartbreaking thing in the world.
my heart shares you pain & please know you are in my prayers. our angels are running free now, without any pain...little angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angel
i will be thinking of you tomorrow & pray that you will find some comfort in all the beautiful memories you have of Cassie & hope that you find a smile in new memories with Amber. God Bless & know you are never alone.. i am always here if you ever want to talk along with many others here who all know this deep pain all to well.. much love, lori (droopy's mommie)
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I understand what Your feeling. The first anniversary is always the hardest. You probably feel guilty if You celebrate Amber's Birthday because You feel like Your betraying Cassie in some way. In a way You should see Amber as Cassie's gift to You. It's like Cassie was leaving and She left You Amber so it wouldn't be so hard on You. Cassie is now running free of Pain and illness. You gave Her a gift by freeing Her from that pain and She gave You a gift by sending Amber to help You with the sadness. Your in My thoughts and Prayers today. hughughughug

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