Show and Tell - March 29


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Barked: Sat Mar 30, '13 5:25am PST 
I know we're all focused on getting our requests in to Mr. Deadworry, but bring in what you've got to show and tell.

Our tell is that Keyah went to the vet yesterday. The vet tech, it turns out, has a Basenji! We told him about our group, so maybe we'll see his B on here sometime soon.

What've you all got to show and tell?

Sunbeam- Maven
Barked: Sat Mar 30, '13 11:31am PST 
I'm late, too. I don't have a show, but I do have a tell. My fur-cuz, Harvey the Boston Terrier, caught a squirrel in his yard Thursday. His Mommy was NOT a happy camper as she had to bury its headless torso. Yuck!!! BTW, he's a very proud pup, now!!!smile,,,,Harvey, not the squirrel....laugh out loud

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Barked: Sat Mar 30, '13 2:07pm PST 
We don't have a show but I do need to tell on Mommy. She is leaving me and Lucy and Gma at home to tomorrow so she can go see some King Lion. I heard Gma say that she didn't want to see this King Lion but that it would be fine for moomy to go if she wanted to. So mommy,her sister and one of mommy's best friends are going.
I think all of us pet kids should get extra treats tomorrow since mom won't be home for the holiday.

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Barked: Sat Mar 30, '13 2:57pm PST 
Nothing much at our steaks either. shrug Mom has been really tired lately and run down because of work. She's home wiff me now study her depos. Our trial date is April 29. Time flies so mom wants to see how much she can remember. She's going over her notes and making new notes.

Other than that....nothing much.

No squirrels at our house Clea. Just birds.

Happy Easter every PUP!!!!