Max's Letters

❄Double Trouble ❄

Barked: Sat Feb 2, '13 1:31pm PST 
Scooter: Dear Max

Please allow me to apologize for what I said, a few days ago. My behavior was extremely inappropriate, immature, and lacked the respect you deserved. It was a disruption and distracted others from having fun on Dogster.

It was embarrassing, but I learned that nobody appreciated my poor behavior. In the future, I have every intention of curbing my thoughtless actions and learn to adjust my behavior befitting the environment and situation.

Again, I am sorry for my actions and I hope that we can put this matter behind us. If you have any thoughts in this, please feel free to share. You may contact me at your convenience by pawmail



PS, I hope we can be friends again.

Max: I'm not going to forgive you for this horrible behavior Scooter.
Sorry doesn't cut it. So too bad... And BTW I'm not going to be your friend anymore. You really hurt me, and my Mom badly and she even cryed. It was'nt our intention for this to be a hurtful thread. Mom was just looking for anyone to help her becuase she really isn't that experiance but we are not stupid. and I feel like I'm just not going to be able to be your friend after what you did to us. And I WILL delete my Dogster account ASAP today because we don't want anymore trouble with other dogs.

So goodbye to all my Dogster pals because I won't ever be seeing you guys again.

Lots of Hugs to everyone BUT Scooter,