BDU Birthday Thread! PAWTY!

Jewel Diva- Girl

Her Royal- Majesty, Jewel
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 6:53pm PST 
Here are the BIRTHDAYS AND the GOTCHA'S that Snow have assembled so far. I will update this list as I get names and dates.
PS: I have added some BRIDGE DAY now as well. If you would like to add a BRIDGE DAY so that we can remember your angel, you can pawmail me or add a reply to the last post.


12- Leo (In Loving Memory)-B-DAY
20- Honey- GOTCHA DAY


10- Jake


4- Snow the Bad Dog! AND Jewel! (What a coincidence!)


10- Snoopy AND Pepper


19- Hotdog (In Loving Memory)


3- Duke
5- Honey
14- Tuckie
26- Max

Please let me know if there there is anyone not on the list.
I will add names and dates as I get them.

partysnoopypartypartywisheshamster danceblue dogpartypartyblue doghamster dancedancingcheer

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*lick, lick,- lick*
Barked: Sat Feb 2, '13 10:58am PST 
Thanks Snow. Will you have a seperate thread for gotcha days or make another list here?
Snow,- Poochon- Angel

You say naughty- like it's a BAD- thing!
Barked: Sun Feb 3, '13 6:16pm PST 
Thanks fur reminding me Jake. I almost furgot! dancing