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MerryBelle- Noelle Pie- SSW

Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 10:47am PST 
*Awaiting the latest Fur of the Month, MERRY is in her Doghouse office working on her laptop and drinking coffee. She has spent the morning reading this fur's life story in his diary. This little boy has touched so many throughout Dogster and beyond with his heart of gold..... All of a sudden there is a breeze behind her and when she turns there he is.... *


Welcome !!! You are the Doghouses Angel Fur of the Month for February 2013, Congratulations !! Come and have a seat ANGEL SUNNY, I have some questions to ask you so we can all find out a bit more about you.

OMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would be honored!!!!! I cant believe you would even ask me to be the featured member of your group!! Your kind words really warm my heart, Merry. You are so sweet!

Ohh thank you Angel Sunny, we love you and are so happy you are a part of our group hug Ok here we go!!!

How did you come to live in your furever home?

Two days after Mom's last toy poodle passed, mom was so sad and upset. Her Mom just happened to see an ad in our newspaper for ME! (She basically had to drag my mom to come see me.) But, once she laid eyes on me, it was really love at first sight!
We did not research the breeder. (I began to say "Our mistake", but it wasn't a mistake because Mom ended up getting me. And she did more for me than anyone else ever would have, and wouldnt change a thing.) However, when I was neutered and they did bloodwork, they found genetic problems already. And they told Mom that she should call the breeder and tell them that they should not be breeding the dogs that they were. (It was ironic - because the only research on the breeder that Mom did before getting me was get a recommendation from their vet, which was the same as ours! And the vet claimed they had healthy poodles. )

What is the story behind your name?

I brought the SUN back to mom's life after her other dog passed. I will forever be her "Sun" and "Son"!

Tell us about your home in Pennsylvania? Is it in the city, country, suburbs? What sort of neighborhood is it?

We live in an apartment in a town called Bethlehem. It is a small city, but rapidly growing as it's in close proximity to NYC, NJ, and Philadelphia. I live in a beautiful apartment complex that is clean and well-kept. It's like our own little community. I used to love walking by the pool and watching the kids swim. Mom misses me so....

You were your Mom's second Toy Poodle. How did she become interested in the breed?

Mom wanted a non-shedding, small dog. And she knew how smart poodles were. That is one thing she loved so much about me.. I understood so much! If she told me to go get a certain toy, or do something, I would. (Now Mom is bawling... )

What was the relationship between you and the special person in your life, your Mom.

We were so in tune with each other. I listened to everything she said to do, or not do. I was such a good boy. I just wanted to please mom, and she me. Sometimes, Mom thinks too much so. I was on a special diet, and even when we'd be walking and come across food on the ground, Mom would just have to say, "No, leave it", and I wouldn't even touch it. We needed each other sooo much.

How did your Mom get interested in Dogster and what is it that you like best about it?

A friend from childhood, who is not even on anymore, introduced Mom to Dogster. She can still remember when a friend gave her my first thread at a group. I was so nervous! BOL!
Mom loves the majority of people on Dogster. She has made such wonderful friends here. Additionally, running a fun group on Dogster, gives her something to do. She enjoys so much making pictures and pages. Being creative allows mom to escape life's problems.

You have so much love on your page not only from furs but from their pawrents. I can see it led to friendships beyond Dogster for your Mom. How did this help your her when you made your journey to the Rainbow Bridge ?

Mom couldn't come on Dogster for a while after my passing. BUT - she kept in close touch via phone with her good friends, whom she couldn't have gotten through my passing without. You know how Dogster people just "Get it", and they helped Mom more than anyone else in her life during that time. The outpouring of support from the unexpected people really touched Mom too. For example - those she didnt know well, if at all, but sent notes and gifts just because they knew how it felt to lose a fur.

Your Mom was affected deeply by this. How is she doing?

She is doing much better. She went to the darkest place imaginable... but is back on her feet.

Describe your pawsonality!

I was shy... a people pleaser... loved kids... was soo smart... was soo happy when I felt well, and was mom's baby. I wouldnt let anyone else but mom pick me up and hold me - unless mom handed me to them. I was insecure, just like my mom. She was able to let me off leash, and I wouldn't go far cuz I didnt want mom out of my sight. I'd never leave her.

Were you friendly with other dogs? What about other people?

Yes, I liked other dogs. I was picky about which ones I played with though... only certain ones .. ones I trusted. But, when Mom used to take me to the Pup Park when I was healthy, I could hold my own with the big dogs! If they would bother me, I would growl and let them know! Or if they took my toy... OH BOY! I've never bitten anyone or any other dogs, but I got mad at the old neighbors pit bull for getting my toy, and I went after him! Thankfully, he didnt fight back. So, I could hold my own when I needed to!
I enjoyed being around other people, especially kids!

Tell us what was your most: 1-endearing quality 2- best trick 3- favorite toy

1 - Mom pleaser
2 - Dance
3 - My chewed up, orange ball (Or 3/4 of a ball now! BOL!)

Were you a cuddle bug or did you like your own space?

I was just like Mom! I would cuddle for a few minutes before bed, then needed my own space to sleep. I was never a big cuddler.

Did you like being groomed or were you like me and dislike it!? !

HATED it more than anything! Mom had a groomer that came to our house. I HATED it. Mom thinks it was because I was in pain all that time.

You have some beautiful photos on your page. Did you like to be photographed? How did your mom learn how to do the pawsome special effects on some of your pictures?

NO! I hated when Mom got out the camera! But, then she learned the only way I would pose is if she held a treat right where she wanted me to look. THAT is a wonderful way to get good pics! Cuz Mom is no great photographer! BOL!
Mom learned to do the special effects from one of her dearest Dogster friends, Jan and Jayden Noelani. She uses a few programs to do them.

How did you become involved in Pups and Purrs in which you are an Admin? You have created some amazing games and threads! Where did you get the inspirations/ideas?

I sortof took it over when it was an all Poodles group and only had 30 some members. The original Admins dropped out of the picture, and somehow, PNP became mine! For that, I am so thankful - cuz I need the 'busyness" of running a group. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but generally, it is good for Mom. It is like her job, since she does not work.
I guess she gets most of her ideas for her threads because she has a background in teaching. She was a Special Education teacher for 10 years. That required lots of creative thinking!

Do you have any parting words or final thoughts?

I am honored from above to be recognized as The Doghouse's Fur of the Month. This is a wonderful group, and I'm so lucky to be involved with you all.
Special hugs from above... Sunny and Mom Meredith

Thank YOU Angel Sunny for opening up your heart and letting us in ... We are honored. Congratulations once again on being the DOGHOUSE ANGEL FUR OF THE MONTH FOR FEBRUARY 2013!!

*Merry pins a RIBBON on his collar and gives him a BOOK OF MEMORIES*

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Bailey NWD

Bailey- Blinkerson- Eskiwowow Raiman
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 12:46pm PST 
Congratulations Angel Sunny and thanks to you and Merry for the great interview.
♥- George- P.P.Pie- *SHM*

Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 1:48pm PST 
partypartypartyapplauseapplauseCONGRATULATIONS SUNNY!!!applauseapplausepartypartyparty

What a wonderful choice for Fur of the Month!way to gobig hug Thank you for doing us the honor!hug It is so much fun learning more about our friends!!way to gobig hug


Merry once again an interview that would put Bawbwa Walters to shame!winkway to gokissingkissingwinkflowers

☯ Romeo- Beau ☯

Bred to SHRED!
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 2:16pm PST 
Mom is bawling now. What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful soul and his lovely Mama. Merry, you did a fine job in bringing out the best of both. hughughughughughug

The Little Boy- With a Heart of- Gold
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 2:47pm PST 
big hugbig hugThank you pals!!!! I truly am very honored to be chosen.

Awwww, Romeo... here is something for you pal:

FOR ROMEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

I thank you, Bailey and Romeo for taking the time to get to know about me. flowersflowers

And of course, George and Merry!big hug
(Mom wrote a book, didnt she? She just doesnt shut up! naughty ) BOL!

I cant upload the beatiful picture tho! Its driving me crazy! I've been trying all day in all different browsers. GGrrrrrrrrrrr...

The picture is STUNNING! You made my boy Angelic, Georgie! hug
Thank you for taking extra time with his pic!

HUGS!big hug
♥- Angel Izzi- ♥

❀ Miss Izzi Lu- ❀
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 3:55pm PST 
Congratulations Angel Sunny!! little angellittle angellittle angel

I don't think there is a more deserving pup for this honor than you!! I enjoyed your interview!

hughughughugcloud 9
Krickette- CGC TDI

Snowbabie from- Idaho
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 6:15pm PST 
Congrats Sunny what a wonderful interview just beautiful I am so glad you were chosen your a wonderful boy enjoy your month your topsway to gocheercheercheercheercheerbig hugbig hugbig hug

Great job Merry as usual we enjoyed reading the interviewbig hugbig hugcheer

The World Is My- Playground
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 7:58pm PST 
Congrat's Sunny Bunny1 We are so Happy to see you are Fur Of The Month and what a great interview Merry and Sunny your answers have told us so much more about you than we already knew and lovedhug

Wags Wiggles and Woofs,
Pennsylvania- Poodle Pups

Jeannie and Nora
Barked: Sat Feb 2, '13 5:44am PST 
Congratulations Angel Sunny! We love you!!kissing

The Little Boy- With a Heart of- Gold
Barked: Sat Feb 2, '13 7:03am PST 
Thank you, Roscoe, PA Girls, and Krickette! It means alot that you guys stopped by!
big hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hug

And Merry! I just saw the Memories pic you made - or was it George?
LOVE IT! Thank you! hug

Now, if I could only upload my pics! Off to try....

little angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angel
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