Show and Tell February 1

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Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 8:18am PST 

How you doing?
I'm doing much better every day. Mom might post my stitches later on tonight. That's really my big show and tell. Mom did put them on Instagram. Are any of you on Instagram? I know patan and keyah are.

I'll show you my scars later.
Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 10:16pm PST 
my scars

the deep on in my neck

those are my scars. I picked at the one on my arm and now I have to wear the inner tube.


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Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 11:26pm PST 
Aw, Talker, don't worry, they'll heal up nicely before you know it. A fella can't get to be our age without a few dings. Hang in there, buddy.


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Barked: Sun Feb 3, '13 5:38am PST 
Yea, Talker, those scars give you street cred. Cherish them. Not even a Pit Bull is going to mess with you least not without thinking about it. laugh out loud

My tell is that Dad's region for work got expanded slightly from Africa to also include Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. eek I guess we'll see him when he retires.

I'm not sure I can be a good boy with all of that travel.
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Barked: Sun Feb 3, '13 8:54am PST 
Talkercloud 9 those look BIG...but you're still the most handsome B to me!big grin

Patan...shock that's a whole of territory for one dad to have!

We got's boring here.
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Barked: Sun Feb 3, '13 6:26pm PST 
Is any one watching the supper bowl? When do they fill it up?