Show and Tell Friday - January 11


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Well, this is a bit delayed, but better late than never.

My tell is about my shopping adventure in South Beach Miami. First we went for our usual walk and stopped for any admirers...which happens all the time.

THEN Dad walked by a Kenneth Cole store and saw some shoes he liked and decide to go in to look at them. Mom said she would hold us while Dad went in and looked, but the lady at the store said that dogs were welcome in the store. So Keyah and I strutted and sniffed all over Kenneth Cole's latest collections.

We also got to go into the Levis store and the Lucky jeans store. It turns out dogs can go just about anywhere here. We've even had brunch a couple of times along the beach with Mom and Dad. We get to sit in the chairds because Mom doesn't like us on the dirty ground eating scraps of who knows what. The tourists think its funny and take pictures of us sitting at the table like hoomans.

I know Mom really wants to go back to Los Angeles, but I do love the attitude towards dogs here in Miami.

Whats going on with all of you?
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Holy cow I forgot to post show and tell on Friday!! Mom was sick home last Thursday and Friday and I guess I thought it was the weekend again.

Patan you and Keyah are the stars of Miami! Dining and shopping and paparazzi too!! Tell me Patan, how did you resist chewing on those Kenneth Cole shoes????

Nothing much here. It's been cold and last night I slept between mom and dad all night long. I usually get up and sleep next to mom and I get up a lot during the night to get out from under the covers. That bugs mom cuz I can't get back in unless I paw on the pillow and wake mom up so she can let me in. But last night I was so snuggled in and warm that I didn't budge.

Tomorrow mom is going to try to go to work. It's been nice having her home. I'm going to miss her as she will miss me.
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That is SO cool Patan! I especially like that they let you sit on the chairs at the restaurants. You know though, you can go to The Grove and go into the stores. I went into Tommy Bahama and a few more stores with mom. That was a while ago though....I wonder if they still let youthinking

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Teecloud 9 I hope your Momma starts feeling better soon....but I bet it was real nice for BOTH of you to be together.

laugh out loudApache does the same thing you do at night with the covers...but he also makes Mom take him out at least once a night too.
Not me...Once I'm in position, I don't get up until the next morning and watch out if you try to move me!

We've had some VERY cold weather. We helped Mom cover her plants...but some of them died anyways. It's been SO cold that Mom had to dig out our coats for our morning walks!

Apache had to go on another bicarb twice a day....and he's drinking tons of water now. Mom has to be grateful because it could be worse... and, at least she knew it was coming.
She met with a lady down around here that has a rescue dog that just got Fanconi. Her mom was SO overwhelmed by it all. Mom gave her some pills to start her out with until she was able to get everything. After getting her onto the protocol with what the pups needs, I'm happy to say that she is already doing a lot better.
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That's wonderful Chey! Your mom has much knowledge. cloud 9

We will be able to see you on Saturday 1/27!!!