RIP, Kacey

Kacey Jo

My Sweet Kacey- Jo
Barked: Wed Jan 9, '13 4:07pm PST 
Today, Kacey the golden retriever was finally put down. Yesterday was her 15th birthday. She's been going downhill and barely able to climb steps anymore. She took a fall this morning halfway down the steps and couldn't move her legs more then a couple shaky steps. We think her problem was before she even got up this morning, though, with her hip displaysia and whatever else she might have had in her senior age. So, she spent the day in comfort in the living room, got brushed till her coat was soft and pretty again. Then, we said her goodbyes and my parents took her to be put down. We made her last day as peaceful as we could. It was simply her time. She will always be loved and remembered.