POTP for Mom's mom

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Redefining the- word edible.
Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 12:44pm PST 
Mom's mom had to go into an emergency surgery today. She had her gallbladder out Thursday and appears to be having complications although the doctors aren't sure what is wrong.

We are very worried. Would youmind sending some good 'senji vibes her way?
Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 12:51pm PST 

I'm sending all my power of the paw to your mom and her mom. We hope they find out what is going on wiff her and get her better real soon. hughughughughug
Savannah aka- Banners!

Banners on the- Run! NOT!
Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 12:51pm PST 
I'll put a white light over her too Patan.
hughuglittle angellittle angelhughuglittle angellittle angel


Redefining the- word edible.
Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 1:25pm PST 
Thanks Banners ad Talker. No word yet.
Cheyenne- Moon

Live, love and- play
Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 2:59pm PST 
hughughughughughughughughughughughughug Tons and Tons of POTP being sent for your Grandma Patan and lotsa hugs for your mom.hughughughughughughughughughughug

Crown Prince of- Mischief
Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 4:20pm PST 
Major Power of the Paw headed to your Mom's mom! hug

Sky Dancer with- an attitude!
Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 5:13pm PST 
POTP from us and prayers from Momma. hug keep us posted.
Denny- Basenji

I dream of- peanut butter...
Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 6:23pm PST 
POTP for Mamma Kim's Mama!!!!

Sending strong senji vibes that everything will smooth out and go into normal recovery...crossing all paws, fingers and toes here!

Redefining the- word edible.
Barked: Mon Nov 19, '12 4:16am PST 
relieved well, she came out of surgery. They ended up having to open the abdomen rather than use a scope. The good news is that there was no sign of perforation which is a major concern. They found a small bile leak that may have been causing the problem. The bile leak will heal on its own. Shes resting in the hospital now on lots of painmeds. Cross our fingers that she starts to get better and can go home by Thanksgiving.

Thanks for all the POTP everyone. It worked!!!

All for one and- one for all
Barked: Mon Nov 19, '12 8:26am PST 
SO glad to hear there was nothing major going on! Sending healing thoughts that she is feeling good and all is well enough that she is home for Turkey Day!
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