The Barney Award for November 2012

Hope, NPC- (In Loving- Memory)

Queen- of Naughty-
Barked: Sat Nov 3, '12 12:34pm PST 
Post your Thanksgiving naughties here way to go

Today I am 9 happy dance Birthday girl in the house party party snoopywishes blue dog naughty flowers dog walk big hug hi5
Angel Boy- Adam- ChewbaccaNPC

Nothing is too- big for me Love- Roxie
Barked: Tue Nov 6, '12 2:44pm PST 
Oh No Mommy is really upset and Granny I have startedstanding right at the safety gate to do all my watering and at night when I know mommy may need her potty I water the potty room door so she can not get in there. This one is so funny guys that it even makes mommy laugh at times. I get Viena Sasuage Bites for a treat at night. Well lately I have been biting Mommy's fingers. Hey she tells Granny to bring my bites so she asked for them right. Well actually she spells it out but she should know by now I know how to spell. I have been barking at Granny a lot lately too and when she is trying to put the leash on me to go outside I give her slobbery kisses. At night when Mommy is trying toeat I bump into her leg and make her jump so food falls on the floor.
naughty naughty naughty naughty
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Adam Chewbacca
Brandy Lynn

born to be wild
Barked: Thu Nov 15, '12 6:00pm PST 
Happy Birthday Hope sorry it is late hope you had a great day.Mommy has been busy lately not been on much.Adam that is funny.But you all we need a naughty page for furparents for sure mommy is adopting a 2 yrs old we will get her next month I am getting a new sister mmmmmmmmmmmm not sure about this.but I have been up to my normal tricks stealing food and causing trouble for mommy.