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Amazing- Grace

Princess of the- Ponderosa
Barked: Tue Jan 20, '15 1:15pm PST 
Miss Abiwavewavewave we will work on a rain dance too!cheerdancingapplausesnoopysnoopysnoopy Come on Buddy! Abi needs rain!cheercheercheer We both have enough moistureway to go Rain here last night,then drizzle and frizzle this morning that changed to snow!shock Not doing anything right now...but only 20's,no sunshine! It's slick outside...The state ask people to stay off roads if they couldway to go Will be fender benders everywhere with all those who think,they won't slide into ditches or down the interstates and highways.....shrugshrugshrug We're making the jerky! About ready to take some of it off..... The oven stuff is ready and the newer dehydrator is too........The 40 yr old one isn't...But it was also filled last....Should be able to wash mess up before supper time. Have some meat left to do tomorrow.way to go
Enjoyed our homemade clam chowder for lunch.happy dancehappy dancehappy dance Supper will be simple. T-bone on the broiler,baked potato,cauliflower & broccoli mix (out of the garden) AND A GREEN TOSSED VEGGIE SALAD... You know Gma loves her salads but can't be crunchy kinds for Gpa. So she shoves some fruit at him......

Monday was a good day here...but last night Gma had sleep/pain issues again! Gpa and I didn't hear her up 5 times.shrug So she isn't too speedy todayway to go But the house is clean,laundry is under control...so it's all goodway to go it was that darn barometric pressure of the new front doing a number on hereek haven't had that much snow this winter...but winter is starting to get to her.......always does,just a matter of when???

kissingbig hugdog walk

Troublemaker - that's me!
Barked: Wed Jan 21, '15 10:27am PST 
Doing the rain dance for Abi with Mazy happy dancehappy dancehappy dance

Hugs for your grandma, Mazy! Sure hope she can get a better sleep today! hughughug
Amazing- Grace

Princess of the- Ponderosa
Barked: Wed Jan 21, '15 3:20pm PST 
Gma has another bad nights sleep last night.shockshockshockshock Woke up for potty run at 2:30 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep until 6a.m. for 2 hrs.shrug The only thing,she can do when this happens is just keep moving!way to go The whole situation drives her chronic pain level way up thereeek

So we finished making the jerky and cleaned up that mess.way to go Ran the 2 ovens thru cleaning cycles. Then wiped them out. Scrubbed racks in bath tub.laugh out loud Put it all back, cleaned front of stove and top and the fridge.cheerdancingapplause Glad that is done!way to go

Did a bunch of smaller chores to fill in the rest of the day.confused Gpa went to town and picked up a special order take and bake pizza for Gma to do for supperway to go We put off the laundry until tomorrow......Our big project for Thursdaysmile

Hopefully Gpa can get some of the knots out of her muscles before bedtime.way to go
I pretty much stuck to Gma all day,keeping an eye on her!wink See ya tomorrow.....mazybig hugdog walk


Troublemaker - that's me!
Barked: Thu Jan 22, '15 2:37pm PST 
Momma also had a bad sleep last night.

This morning the peeps go outside and find a flat on daddy's car. So dad decides to take mom's car to work and mom offered to take the car to get the tire fixed. Dad tries to start the truck. Nothing. Dead battery. shrugshrug

The truck got boosted and dad went to work. Mom got the car tire fixed and picked up some groceries then stopped by daddy's place of work to pick up the truck and come home. Mom's gets in the truck. Once again it wouldn't turn over. There is some corrosion on the battery terminals that the peeps need to look at this weekend.

Hugs for grandma and hope she feels better soon. hughug
Abby CGC

Big and- Beautiful
Barked: Fri Jan 23, '15 4:22pm PST 
hug for all the pawrents here hug

I sure hope you all have a better weekend big hug

we are getting snow tonight and tomorrow..we hope not a ton confused

Mom & Dad's- Valentine
Barked: Sat Jan 24, '15 8:13pm PST 
ohhhh we hope gma has been able to catch up on her sleep and buddy your truck sounds like my grandma's van. we been keeping it and when daddy tried to move it yesterday it just went click click click. daddy says the battery became an angellittle angel hahahahahhaha hope your vehicles all get better. Abby you getting snow??!?!?!?!? you lucky girl!!!! stay warm!

see ya, abi
Amazing- Grace

Princess of the- Ponderosa
Barked: Sun Jan 25, '15 2:22pm PST 
wavewavewave The autos here are all good! KNOCK on WOOD!!!thinkingwink The fan unit above the stove died! It wasn't changed with the new stove/fridge...smile Gma
said, she'd use it until it QUIT!shrug Well it did! So now besides the new hot water heater Gpa has to install...he has a stainless steel Hood with fan and lights to put inlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

Gma told him wait and put them in while she is either in Arizonia for a few days with a girlfriend or when she goes to see her Mom and Sister this spring.way to go Cuz, watching Gpa do those things makes her nervouseekeekeek
She has warned him to protect the glass top of the stove...if he breaks it,have it replaced before she returns...big laughbig laughbig laugh Gma is going to stay with her Mom a month...way to go Spring should be in ND by May 20th.laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud
I have to KEEP Gpa out of Trouble!laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud If Gma had the strength in her shoulders,arms,hands..she once did... She'd do the jobs herselfsmile Cuz, she has more experience from all the remodeling on this old farmhouse.laugh out loud

Sleep is still a problem...1 night is ok and then the next is crapshrug
She is now trying to shake a sinus issue....Those kinds of things happen to her when she rests poorlyshock You gals are in for BIG SURPRISES when you hit those 60'sshh Seems like there is always something sneaking up on youeek

I had a bout of bad Tummy out of the blue!eek Just like before but don't know what started it?shrug Anyway, meds. today/tmw then doneway to go The scrambled eggs and chopped chicken for my tummy have been great!snoopysnoopysnoopy The poos are gone!way to go Did I pick up something outside when out with Gpa during this January thaw????????????????shhsilenced I'm not tellingway to go

We cooked a crockpot full of LIVER for those barn kitties..It's yield after chopping was 1 gal. 3 pkgs. left in freezer,plus 3 pkgs. of heart. Will be butchering soon and will have a new supply for themway to go I've been outside a few times with this break in the weather.....snoopysnoopysnoopy By 1st. of Feb.,we are headed to the deep freeze againeek Tmw. it's back to big cleaning and mopping...which is so boring but someone has to do itlaugh out loud

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!kissingbig hugdog walk BTW-ALL THE ANGEL FURS HAVE V-DAY PICS UP..... I have to keep driving my silver car around dogster...we can load new pics but not change my order now.....says,Gma isn't my MOM!eek Dogster has fleas today...Did any of you have trouble toodling around dogster???????????
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