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Amazing- Grace

Princess of the- Ponderosa
Barked: Mon Dec 15, '14 3:28pm PST 
Yes, it is a horrible disease. We're happy you found a place where they can meet her needs. Sometimes, that is an issue.

How is the weather up there???????????? packed a couple boxes today...waiting on Gpa so he can tape them shut while Gma holds them closed.way to go

Back to their mail prjt.....way to go Basketball will be over on Saturday!way to go Did icebox cookies today. Have a couple baking and candy prjts. left. The English Toffee was real easy and turned out so goodway to go Gpa is chowing on it.. big grin

Gma is pooped but laundry is all done too.......Doing that Taco Bake thingy for supper...She's having major pain issues again and nothing is helping. Affecting her sleep and that makes it all worse.shockconfusedfrown It will pass...Hope it is soon!way to go


Troublemaker - that's me!
Barked: Tue Dec 16, '14 9:50am PST 
Hugs for your grandma, Mazy hughug

Telly her she needs to put her feet up soon! hughughughug

Mom & Dad's- Valentine
Barked: Wed Dec 17, '14 8:28pm PST 
glad to hear that grandma is adjusting, hopefully the good days outnumber the bad. my grandma is putting up a fuss about moving and it's making my momma crazy. momma & daddy been looking all over for a place for grandma to move too. some of them I can even go and visit grandma at, so I'm picking those! momma's spending more and more time at grandma's and sometimes I get to go too. I've claimed one of her couches as my ownbig laugh I help her clean out the fridge sometimes toowink

has you caught your skwerl yet Buddy???????

see ya, abi

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