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I don't think I've posted in this group in years!! I used to be very active here on Dogster and am not really sure what happened but anyway.

Nico is now 7 years old and I am absolutely devastated over what we have gone through over the past two days. I wonder if anyone can relate.

I've had her in and out of the vet several times a year (I'm a hypochondriac) and each time, I'd ask them to check out her teeth since I knew small dogs were prone to dental issues. Each time, they'd tell me she was fine and that her teeth actually looked really good and no full-scale cleaning was needed. Well, a couple of month ago, I noticed her breath had gotten pretty foul. She had a routine check-up and again, I inquired about her teeth (she had some minor but more noticeable tartar buildup on one of her upper canines) and again, I was assured it was not a problem.

Well, I decided when she turned 7 that it was time to have her teeth cleaned. I made the appointment for yesterday. I dropped her off at 8:30 in the morning. Her bloodwork was fine and I signed off on the sheet that I did not need to be contacted if there needed to be any extractions. I was nervous about her going under anesthesia and wanted her to be out for as short a time as possible.

Imagine my utter shock and horror when the vet called me a couple hours later to tell me that he needed to pull SIXTEEN of her teeth and that she had "severe" gingivitis and periodontal disease. Was that not evident a few months ago on our last visit????????? He said he saw the notation of the minor buildup and said he didn't have answer as to why it got so bad so quickly.

I was at work when he called and I just lost it and sobbed. He told me he had seen worse (gee thanks) and that she'd still be able to eat normally for now.

I don't know if I should be mad at them for missing it or not suggesting I do this sooner or mad at myself. I'm not a vet and I rely on the advice they give me. I thought that by repeatedly asking them to check, the necessary treatments would be given.

I know that they don't really get a complete picture of what's going on until they do the complete dental exam but I really, really, really wish I would've done this sooner. I actually made this appointment on my own without their input.

Picking her up yesterday afternoon was probably the most devastating moment I've had in a LONG, LONG time. Whether it's genetic or not, I will blame myself for this for the rest of my life and I truly felt that I was being an advocate for her and doing the right thing.

I am just mortified and I guess this is the most appropriate place I have to turn to.

Has anyone else had to have their babies get teeth pulled?

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My experience with vets has not been great - they are like most people busy and say things to cover their rears when they make a mistakes - all i can say is - check your self - they don't like it but i brush their teeth and take a paper towel and rub front and back of teeth with a little mouth wash, make sure you don't use enough to drip into the mouth- not good for them to swallow - so keep towel moist but not wet with the mouth wash.