Barked: Thu Aug 2, '12 7:20am PST 
Roxanne has allergies (grass), and without her daily dose of benedryl, she turns pink, gets itchy and will eventually get skin infections and bald patches. We have to bath frequently with special shampoo, add sunflower oil to her food, and wipe her off then spray her down with diluted Skin so Soft after going out. Well we recently acquired 2 new pit puppies, one of which has now been diagnosed with allergies.

I want to know, how common are allergies in bully types? Do your bullys have allergies? How do You manage allergy season?

Barked: Mon Sep 3, '12 2:20pm PST 
Allergy season is year round here in East Texas. My blue and white pitbull mix, Kohl, has really bad outdoor and food allergies. His daily benedryl is a must. For his skin, we supplement with coconut oil, and find that it really helps. We bathe and rinse with zymox once a week, to keep any bacterial or fungal infections at bay. His skin is never perfect, but generally we can keep the itching down. We tried wearing boots outside, but he hated them and I could never keep them on him.