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Eat! Sleep!- Destroy!
Barked: Fri Jul 6, '12 11:18pm PST 
Hi RR!!

i thought we could start a new thread - just to check in and say hi to all - in our case, we do not post in threads often, so we thought we will just sign our attendance in here and bring some goodies when possible.

like today - lemonade!!

love and hugs,

Gucci & Coffee
Abby CGC

Big and- Beautiful
Barked: Sat Jul 7, '12 4:45am PST 
Thank you Coffee cheer cheer How are you settling in home? I be you are one happy pupper cheer cheer You got one of the bestest families in the whole world snoopy

We are doing has been HOT here this week eek and we are kinda bored in the house but mom lets us rip around in here anyway laugh out loud Pups gotta play, right? We are to get some relief tomorrow relieved

Sending lots of love to you and sweet angel Gucci hug

Barked: Sat Jul 7, '12 5:25am PST 
thanks Abby!!!


typist says it is hot down there too, but heaven has the best weather which i am enjoying way to go


Knot Head
Barked: Sat Jul 7, '12 9:33am PST 
wave fur's how about a Picinic to enjoy cheer We got up to 104 yesterday shock so far today it's only 89 relieved
Pepper, SD,- CGC

Laissez Les Bons- Temps Rouler!!!
Barked: Sat Jul 7, '12 7:27pm PST 
Abigail "In- Loving- Memory"

Mom & Dad's- Valentine
Barked: Sat Jul 7, '12 9:30pm PST 
Coffee, what a great idea!!

shock that's some picnic Molly! i'll picnic with ya any day!!

Kyra spent last night with us and we had some excitement. The cops were looking for a bad person and someone had reported that he might be in our backyard or our neighborseek Me and Kyra was quiet until we were locked inside the house then we barked like crazylaugh out loud The cops went into our backyard and through the gate into our neighbor's yard (he's not home) then mom told one of the cops in the front that our garage in the backyard isn't locked and neither is the RV. So the cops went in those places too and ya know what??? They had some big guns too! They never did find the bad person and finally just left. Mom made dad go out with us when we pottied before bed cause she was skeeredconfused Didn't she think we could protect her?!?!?!?!

See ya, Abi

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Eat! Sleep!- Destroy!
Barked: Sat Jul 7, '12 10:23pm PST 
hiya Molly - what a spread!! thanks

hi Pepper!! wave

Abi - OMD!! sounds very skeery!! i am quite scared of almost anything and everything, while Gucci, being smaller in size compared to me, was not scared of strangers - only thunder and rain. mom always felt safe with Gucci. but the best part is, only my family knows that i am scared of all; but outsiders still feel scared of me because of my size big grin so it is ok

today, i have brought some ghirardelli ice cream - typist had it when she was in SFO - amazing ice cream!!!

Such cuteness is- irresistable
Barked: Sun Jul 8, '12 5:14pm PST 
Oh wow - what a banquet - lemonade, a picnic, and Coffee - that ice cream looks absolutely divine.

Oh Abi, how scary. Did you lock the garage and RV?

I don't think any bad guys would come in the house with you and Kyra there.

~Fluffy Boy ~
Barked: Sun Jul 8, '12 5:43pm PST 

Eat! Sleep!- Destroy!
Barked: Sun Jul 8, '12 7:34pm PST 
hi Freya, Bernie and rest of RR!!

good morning!!

samosa for today - enjoy!!
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