My dog has A guardian angel


Barked: Thu May 3, '12 11:11pm PST 
Ealier today when I took my dog for his daily walk I stopped by friends house who was outside on her front porch we were talking then all studden at of no where their house can out side yard the gate open it happen so fast my head spinned my little dog was gettting attacked by big dog I think its routwilder or pitbul it half breed anyway yelling help me trying to pull my away going in circles it was horible to see this big dog 5x the size of little dog mauling my dog I cant tell how it lasted it I just pulled my dog up by leash and yet the dog still lunged at him I managed to tear him way I just hugged tighted and left the lady pulled her inside then she can out to ask me if I was ok and see if anything happen to my dog it seemed really bad mi'raculouslymy he wasn't badly hurt in fact he had no wounds scratches nothing not even bite marks it was puzzling cause I see the
dog as he vicoulsy mauled my doggy its like when you see a person walk away uninjured after the vehicle they were driving spuns out of control and flipps over a ditch hits the pavement lands upside down my poor doggie However I believe he was emotionly traumatized he was lethargic when we got back home he just went under my bed didn’t not come out at all he don’t go under my bed
Only at night or when I have in the room and Im on the computer he always follows me everywhere he even waits the bathroom door for me
when I go in there this time he stayed under the bed my daughter and I were comforting him as much we can so he can feel safe and loved .I even pretend to leave grabing my purse opening the door to see if he would come out my daughte would say bye mom tell Buzzing mommie leaving . No reacation nothing. normally when he is the room with me I go to open the bedroom door he jumps leaps out there he is right at my feet usually he trapples me as I walk down the hall so I wont leave with out him.After
Awhile I pulled out from underneth the bed hugging him I began to
Brush his fur relaxing him then gave a nice warm soothing bath blew dry his fur a little
Then couple hour later he slowly began to recover from the trauma of the incident.he went outside he began to bark normally at the mailman chasing as he ran along the inside the fenced yard barking as the trash
Truck picks up the weekly trash, yard waste, recycle cans Buzz there is
Barking away.barks pesidants walk by as UPS trucks drove by Buzz is
Bark barking away.
Later My nieces and their kids and their cousins kid all boys aging from2-4 years old came over Buzz was happy jumping all over playing with them he seems like normal self . I tell it was heart wrecking during and after the attacked.