New with Addison Disease?

Angel Maxie- Boy

Max The Moocher
Barked: Fri Apr 20, '12 6:13pm PST 
Please Share your Story with us, as it may help others!
Lucian Our- Handsome- Angel

Lil Wild Man
Barked: Sun Apr 22, '12 4:38am PST 
wave I am eating my special tummy food from the vet and my poops are back to normal already blue dog blue dog good news! good news!
Abby CGC

Big and- Beautiful
Barked: Sun Apr 22, '12 5:26am PST 
Here is a link the vet gave us


this link may be helpful for all kinds of things for all our pets hug


Sugar Girl
Barked: Sun Apr 22, '12 2:53pm PST 
hi everyone. I am here to be of support.wavebig grin
Angel Roxie

Foxie Roxie!
Barked: Sun Apr 22, '12 7:44pm PST 
Hi Sugar!

Great to have you here! wave
Angel Maxie- Boy

Max The Moocher
Barked: Tue Apr 24, '12 5:08pm PST 
Feel free to post here if you have Addison disease. You will get overwhelming support, and may help someone else! hughughug