Unfortunately we are back to the muzzle again

Billie Jean

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Barked: Sat Mar 24, '12 1:19pm PST 
I am so depressed right now. Billie Jean was doing so well since her attack on her pack mate Friday almost a year ago. I hadn't realized that she was still so unstable until my family came for a visit this week. It had been over a year since their last visit and Billie Jean was fearful of them. She turned her fear into aggression against her pack mate Friday again and we dealt with 4 dog fights in the 3 days they were here. The fights happened in the first day and they were kept separated after that. No injuries were sustained (although it sounded like they were killing each other) like there was in the fight last Summer that sent Friday to the emergency room. Some of you may remember us from our visit to this forum back then. My chronic lung condition keeps me from walking her anymore, but my husband picked up the daily walk and he walks her and Friday together daily for an hour with partial jogging as well. We are hoping that in a day or two she will go back to the way she was, but obviously she is still unbalanced and I think I will call a trainer again. I'm so disappointed. I thought I'd done well. She is fine with the other pack members (older female Shepherd and 2 male chihuahuas) and she adores our cats. A few other things to note: Billie Jean is very protective of me and watches everything I do and everywhere I go in the house.
She is not allowed to go through the door to the outside until I tell her she can. She looks me straight in the eye while I tell her to sit, and to wait. Even with the door open she waits until I signal that she can go. However, when she comes back inside we have had a continuing issue, but I have managed it as follows. I also have her sit and wait (until her tail stays still and she seems calm) then I allow her in. At that point, she will often make a sudden beeline for Friday and so far I have been able to stop her in her tracks before an attack using a sharp stern voice. That was the only continuing problem I was having and I was managing it until this latest incident. Yes, I realize now that although I was "managing" it, it was signs of a bigger problem. Any thoughts?