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Give me Tiki cat- and no one gets- hurt.
Barked: Fri Dec 16, '11 4:20am PST 
Hello everyfur. We hope everyfur is having a good morning.
Yay, it's Friday and that means we get our typist to take a break.

We wish that we could be here more often but moms job is too demanding in our opinion but we are thankful that she has one.

I've brought some yummy treats today and hopes everyfur enjoys them.
Midnight Son

The Supreme- Grandmaster- Pukemeister
Barked: Sat Dec 17, '11 2:33pm PST 
*Gives her a hug*

Good to see you pretty lady...Thanks for the treats...yummy yummy...

Ebby the- Extertminator- !!!!!
Barked: Thu Jul 4, '13 8:32am PST 
wave Good-Morning everyone...

North- Carolina- Familia

Hot fun in the- sun!
Barked: Thu Jul 11, '13 10:47am PST 

Hi Ebony!!! Sorry we're so late in replying, our mom is very slow. way to go