Help new Beagle mom with Questions

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Hi, I'm new to dogster and have recently come into the ownership of my first dog and he's a 3 year old tri color beagle with a white spot on his butt. he was rescued from the county shelter after his prior owner surrendered him. My vet believes he's a pure beagle. he weights about 27lbs and seems happy and content.

Here's the questions I have or rather problems I need help solving.

1) I believe he has separation anxiety. he's slowly getting over it as we're working on desensitizing him to me leaving the house and the jingling of my keys or the door chain. But due to this separation anxiety he's extremely destructive. He's already tore through a door, taken the insulation out of the garage (we put him there because it was raining and usually he stays in our fenced backyard) which he now has a dog house. But he's started digging as if to escape our yard. So my friends suggested a dog run.

Is a dog run alright for a beagle? At the moment we're using a long tie down but he's started to pull that up since the earth is soft were we live. And I don't want anything to happen to him.

2) My beagle barks in greeting at anything he sees once he's eyes come in contact with them. This dog does not bark otherwise. it's odd. When i first got him everyone asked if he had been debarked. He didn't bark for the first time till i took him to petsmart the day after i got him and he saw a Newfoundland -_-;;. He scared me and the other dog. (only because he'd not barked prior to this. I have other hound dogs in the family including a 12 year beagle from an abusive family my grandpa rescued and a 6 year old German Shepard bassist hound mix. so i knew what i was getting into.) Not to mention it echos in petsmart. And he pulls like no other to get at them.

What are tips or tricks i could use other then dragging him away and disengaging him from the situation to calm him down around other dogs?

Rencently he's taken to escaping his collar and just running at them. To correct this we're back on a harness but he pulls very hard . Any help on this issue would be great.

3) is it normal for a beagle to not bark at anything other then other dogs? My boy Jake barks at nothing else. Though he does whine a lot.

Sorry there's a lot of information to consider but i wanted to give the most rounded picture i could of the problems. Any help is greatly appreciated. Other then these little issues he's an amazing dog. Much quieter then I would have imagined a beagle could be. My grandpa's beagle is a necrotic barker and keeps you up at night. my boy Jake never barks except around other pet children.

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hi jake!! i'm snuffy an i just joined this group an i want to play an talk meet more friends an nobody is at either of the groups i joined an my mom sayz i talk too much. beagles like to talk.