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Little Miss- Priss
Barked: Fri Aug 30, '13 7:29am PST 
Hey there, Uno!! wave No experience with blindness here, so no words of wisdom.

I do, however, have food!

Cinnamon French Toast Bake

Always Smiling!!
Barked: Thu Sep 5, '13 7:17am PST 
Thanks for the brealfast Chauncey!! Yummy!!wavewave

Little Miss- Priss
Barked: Fri Sep 6, '13 8:40am PST 
More yummies today for my dear pals:

Poached Eggs, Bacon, and Toast

Kelly Ann - in loving- memory

Daddy'- s lil - girl
Barked: Fri Oct 4, '13 6:44am PST 
Yummy! Thanks buddy..

Little Miss- Priss
Barked: Tue Oct 22, '13 7:26am PST 
Not a problem, Kelly Ann! Keep on eating!

Steak and Eggs

It's getting to be winter time up here - there's a dusting of snow on the ground! I think I'll throw another log on the fire...

I live to dig
Barked: Tue Nov 19, '13 7:53pm PST 
Hi friends! That steak and eggs look wonderful. I hope you're having a good autumn, staying nice and warm.
Mocha- Frannicola- (7/92 - 8/12)

Always in- trouble
Barked: Fri Dec 27, '13 12:04pm PST 
Hi, everyone!

Just wanted to wish you all very Happy New Year!

Mocha Frannicola

Barked: Fri Jan 24, '14 1:17pm PST 
hi there everypaw!! i'm jen... owned by 3 pugs wink

the dogster community is going to be closing down in march, i know a lot of us will be sad to loose this part of the group interactions. i was wondering if you could help me spread the word. i have a pet community site that has free customizable profiles, messaging, chat rooms and was wondering of you would check it out, and spread the word. you can create private groups, and have message threads and lots of other cool functions.
hope to hear from you soon!!
~jen, thumper, bambi and sebastian
Magoo- (Forever- Cherished)

Forever Loved- and Cherished
Barked: Thu Jan 30, '14 2:13pm PST 
Hi, Thumper, Jen, and Family! wavewavewavewavewave Would you believe you are already friends with my bro, Romeo, the Havanese, there? His profile is

So glad to see you here. hughughughughug

Always Smiling!!
Barked: Thu Feb 13, '14 3:04pm PST 
guess Dogster is staying open for awhile longer!!partypartypartyparty
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