any one from Providence?


Barked: Tue May 10, '11 2:47pm PST 
I am moving to Providence this august from Israel, for school- JWU, and I am bringing my three cats with me, and it seems this will make it very hard for me to find a place to live.
so i was thinking since i also don't know the city well maybe it will be a good idea to find a rental agent from a real-estate agency and let him or her find me a place.
does anyone have a recommendation for an agent (maybe even someone who is a true cat lover) in providence?

or knows of a big (about or more 1000SqF) condo for 1000$ (either in total or max per person as i will take having a Room-mate if i'll no choice) that will become available around august in the down-city or east-side providence area? and that will allow three cats. (furniture is not needed i will buy my own stuff)?

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