Learn more about Royal Canin wet cat food & download a coupon!


Barked: Mon May 2, '11 8:57am PST 
Greetings everyone! It's Herman!
I wanted to let you in on something....Did you know Royal Canin has a wet cat food designed around the instinctive preferences of us cats?

Since we cats only have about 500 taste buds, compared to our human's 9000, we are fairly insensitive to different tastes. It doesn't mean that we can't taste, but that taste is our least developed sense. (We have a keen sense of smell compared to our human!) Only Royal Canin's wet cat food is designed around our instinctive preferences of proteins, fats and carbs as we age.

Learn more about Royal Canin wet cat food at www.catfoodscience.com. And, have your human download a coupon for Royal Canin wet cat food!