Scripture Reading For The Day

♥- Dayzee- ♥

I got THE- power!! Jesus.
Barked: Sat Apr 9, '11 12:37pm PST 
I wanted to bring yet another topic to our group.
Scripture reading for today.
Where you can stop in and read a verse or two for the day.
I pray the Lords blessings on this thread and the group.
Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.
1 peter 5:7
King Pugsley

Mr Kingsley is a- true pug
Barked: Mon Jun 20, '11 1:24pm PST 
Oh yes I need this so much dog walkway to gohug

Knot Head
Barked: Tue Aug 30, '11 8:59am PST 
Love that one Dayzee blue dog