Pawlease send a postcard to help Ohio's dogs and cats


Barked: Sun Mar 6, '11 2:40pm PST 
Ohio is one of 5 states that do not punish those who abuse and torture animals.

Last year Nitro's Law passed the house of representatives but was ignored or forgotten by the senate so we are back to square one.
If you live in Ohio contact a representative to let them know abuse of animals such as dogs or cats is wrong.

Nikki Moustaki, Author of 40 animal books and Dog Trainer , she also has a TV program that is on a Miami, Florida station is doing a postcard project for Nitro's Law.

If you want to help follow these steps.

Get a picture or print a picture of your dog or cat.

Use scissors to trim the picture.
Attach the picture to card stock or other thick paper using an adhesive or double sided tape.

Write at the top of the picture write "I support Nitro's Law and write your pets name.

At the bottom put your city and state.

Send the postcard to:

Pet Postcard Project
Nitro's Law
676A Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10036

Nikki will save these postcards and give them to our Ohio House of Representatives before the Representatives. Before they vote on this law.

You can also find out more information by going to

She also has a postcard project going on. For every 1 postcard received a company donates 1lb of food to shelters.

*even if you don't live in Ohio and want to help just send a postcard. It doesn't cost much and by doing so you can make a difference