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Genuine Muttador
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Post after 10am PST. way to go
Mystique- 'Tiki'

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Tiki's Humble Abode

Hello. Allow me- to introduce- myself...
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Morning Routine

I had a better collage, but it put a watermark in the way. frown

Champ- (2002-2015)

Golden Fur,- Golden Heart
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I tried to emphasize the architecture in my photos with different shapes/lines to add interest. Mom mostly followed me around the house rather than posing...hope that's okay.

1-top left. I love hanging out here by the foyer/entrance hallway of the house. Sometimes I just wait here for family members to come home. What are you doing lying on the floor with your camera mom?
2-topright. Entering the living room through the arches. I love the living room because that's where the whole family hangs out.
3-bottom left. Lying down and taking some down time in the living room...our ceilings are high.
4-bottom right- Sometimes I sneak onto this couch in the middle of the night when mom's mom isn't watching. shh

Inside the House

Our Golden- Miracle with- Paws
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The List
1. Eat
2. Goof on the couch when no one is looking
3. Rip toilet paper when no one is looking
4. Force Mom to play fetch with me
5. Read my favorite book
...repeat the next day

The To-Do List

They Always Fall- for the Baby- Blues
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A day in the life.

I'm slacking. Yes, I know.

craze stinky- brat :)
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I love hanging out in the kitchen, always watching the floor so i can be the first catching stuff fallin, sometimes though it takes time, so i lay down on the ground...and take a nap.
THe chair is my favorite place to do some munchin...its so comfy!!I have to fight over it with Kappa.

I love to check out whats going on outside, i need to patrol the house carefully, couch is a good spot for that.

I am still wondering what that tree is doing in our house, it took over my beds spot and now i have to sleep in a hall, anybody knows something about it???

my house and me
Caleigh- Elizabeth- MacGregor

Fun Fun Fun!
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i wuv to sit in da window seat and watch da world and pwotect my 'rents! den if mommy goes to work in da office i hafta go wif to make sure she is safe...and if i get sweepy i way on da floor or go into my box to take a snooooooze...life as a puppy is good!
my fave pwaces!
Darby- MacKenzie

Yes, I'm a- princess!!!
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I love the window seat, too...and the two of us do spend a lot of time there. Of course, that's VERY taxing work, so that means lots of rest is needed...in my crate and keeping an eye on Mommy from the office door. And, when it's just TOO much and I need a nice quiet, dark place...I stick my head under the bed!
A Glimpse into Darby's Life
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