Sandy Wilson

Barked: Wed Dec 29, '10 4:21pm PST 
Sandy got sick on Sunday and started to vomit all the time. On Tuesday we brought her into the vet. We took an x-ray and they saw nothing. Her blood work was fine, however her pancreas was a little swollen. They told us she probably had pancreatitis or the simply the stomach flu. They gave us special food for her and medicine. Before we left they gave her an injection of the medicine. She ate the first day. Then, on Wednesday morning, we put the medicine in her food... she ate it. Then that night we put the medicine in her food again and she wouldn't eat anything. She would only drink. The next day, she still wouldn't eat. I tried feeding her everything. I even tried peanut butter, but she ran away. On Friday (Christmas Eve) we took her back to the vet and they x-rayed her again. This time they saw something blocking her intestines, which were about to burst. They thought it was only a sock. We had to take her to another place to give her emergency surgery. She was so happy, wagging her tail the whole time and going to all four of us as if it was her way of saying goodbye. My mom asked if it possibly could be cancer. The vet said no because it is very unusual to see it in young dogs (seven and one-half years old on January 31). They took her and we went to Christmas mass thinking she'd be fine. As soon as we left my dad got a call. He told us that it was bad and we had to go their fast. She had cancer in her intestines. Three gigantic tumors, and one of them burst in the middle of her surgery. We were going to put her to sleep so she wouldn't suffer. They told my parents that they could resection her intestines and give her chemotherapy but the vet said that she could only live probably two more months at most in pain. My brother and I went in to say goodbye. I went to pet her and then I told her that I love her. May she rest in peace. 12/24/10
Lucky- (R.I.P)

We were lucky- with you, baby- girl.
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Many prayers and good thoughts for the family left behind. Rest in peace, Sandy. Welcome to the bridge.