Millie, CGC

Brownies are the- best!
Barked: Mon Dec 27, '10 9:30pm PST 
Hi, I have been feeding raw for one month. I have two standard poodles, Millie and Henry, and I am here to learn more about raw feeding!
Dozer ~ CGC

Life is about- clicking and- sleeping
Barked: Sun Jan 9, '11 9:39pm PST 
Yeah for raw feeding! I'm new to raw feeding too. It great to see Dozer's health picking up since I've started. How about your dog?
Penn & Teller

Masters of The- Multiverse
Barked: Fri Feb 18, '11 6:58pm PST 
We're new too and it's really hard feeding cats raw food... even kittens. Im about to go outta my mind!