What a wonderful idea

Princess- Lexi (RIP)

Barked: Mon Dec 13, '10 5:14pm PST 
What a wonderful group. We lost out precious Lexi to bladder cancer 6 months ago and it was the most painful thing I have ever had to deal with. Lexi fought a long hard battle but finally it was more than her little body could handle. To all who have lost a fur baby to cancer, my heart goes out to you. Perhaps some day there will be a cure for all cancer.
Carrol/Lexi's mommy

Hi, this is Lexi, on May 27th 2010, mommy and daddy proved how very much they loved me by letting me go and fly to the Bridge. My pain had gotten so bad that last day so mommy called daddy home from work. They both held me and told me how much they loved me. I will always love my mommy and daddy and I fly down and see them a lot. I picked another fur baby for them when I thought it was right. I'm happy with how Skeebo loves mommy and daddy.