2010 Holiday Card Exchange!


Tail Waggin'- Mutt
Barked: Mon Oct 25, '10 1:54pm PST 
This is a really fun way to make friends and we love shipping cards to our friends.

If you would like to participate in this, let me know before November 25th. Cards MUST go out by December 1st.

Paw-mail me your addresses and I'll put you on the list.

You can choose to send as few as 10 cards or you can send them to every one on the list. Just let me know!


I do have one suggestion. If you are doing the Secret Santa and the 2010 Holiday Card Exchange you will need to paw-mailing me different addresses for both of these, it wouldn't really be that Secret of a Santa any more since a lot of the same people sign up for both of these. Does anyone else have another address that they could paw-mail me for the "2010 Holiday Card Exchange"?

I could take the addresses and make it into a Secret Holiday Card Exchange or take the addresses and tell the other people where to ship them.

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