The Grand Re-Opening!


drawing dog- dweeb
Barked: Tue Oct 19, '10 7:54pm PST 
What happened to this place? All I see is dust bunnies and flies! shrug This isn't right, no no no! shock So.... WELCOME! To the GRAND Re-opening of the Party Club! snoopy
We have tons of drinks, a juicy beefy burger, and an endless supply of french fries!
For dessert, we have a veriety of milkshakes and a large size ice cream cone!
All this is available, and even MORE!!!! We have whatever you need, be it a pool to cool down in, or Band•Aids to cover those nasty little boo-boos! We have everything! snoopy Hope you have an AMAZING time, at Huntington's Party Club!
Our Theme song is