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Shadow ( My- Sweet Angel)

Fang Boy
Barked: Sun Oct 3, '10 12:42am PST 
Please Introduce yourselves! So we can get to know you!

Bluest Eyes In- TEXAS
Barked: Sun Oct 3, '10 7:59am PST 
wavebig grindancing Hi, allfurs! I am Milo, I jus' gotted an invitation frum my super gweatest furriend, Mr Smokey!way to go I iz jus' Milo, most no's me already! Shucks, ma page tells all bout me if'n ya want to no's.wink
I iz single, 2 yrs old, blue eyed siamese mix, an lives in TEXAS! I iz a country boy, but lubbs rock 'n roll too! I iz a gweat dancer an' lubbs ta pawty!laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudAsk if'n u want's ta no's more. I jus' lubbs Catster 'n all ma purrfect furinds, efurFur iz so nice here! Tankies fur da invitation, Mr Smokey! U rock dude!way to gohappy dancedancinghamster dancehug
Timmy Angel Dreamboat # 72B

Tim Tim the- Player
Barked: Sun Oct 3, '10 3:39pm PST 
wavebig grinHi, I'z Tim Tim, tankies fur inviting me lovely Mazey! I'z 1 yr old, tabby, orangie & white. I lives upstairs from Milo in da same apt's. I love's to pway outside, lotz!dancinghappy dancesnoopy My aunti Kathy types fur me, an' all uv us, includin' my furbro Ziggy. Milo lives by himself, but Angel Baby lives cross da hall. I iz single, fur now!laugh out loudwink I be's enjoyin' da purrfect furs whofur r gettin' married an' hopes dey haz mush love & happiness. Concatulationz to Lila Mae Bush and Milkyway Bowers and Patches Bush and Ralph Bowers! May dey haz happiness furefur!way to gohughug


Sugar Girl
Barked: Sun Oct 3, '10 9:12pm PST 
Hi everyfur, I am tickled as can be to be invited to the wedding of our dear furiends.
My name is Sugar and I am a Manchester Terrier. Sorry Girl do not tell their ages. Hee hee! I live in Ohio . I enjoy cooler weather and I do not mind snow. I am very loving and loyal to my Mom but if I stranger comes to the door I look scary I guess. But I do not bite. I like to sleep in a baby bassinet at the foot of Mommys bed. Sometimes I get out of it and go snuggle with Mommy usually in the early mornings! I love to dance and have fun!! I am playful and I am told I have a pretty face.
I am so happy for you my dear friends, Congratulations!

Buster , always- happy and a- loving heart
Barked: Sun Oct 3, '10 9:19pm PST 
Hello everyfurwave Congratulations to Our Brides and Grooms to be!!!! We love you friends and are so happy for you and thrilled to share in your joy on your special day!
My name is Buster and I will be 3 in November. I am a red Miniature Pinscher. I am very active and am on the go constantly unless I am showing my undying affection to my MOM or my pretty soon to be bride Coco. Every morning I get up early and I sit on the back deck top step and I soak up the sun. I look out at my yard which is my Kingdom which I rule. If any bird, bug or animal dares invade my kingdom I will chase them and bark! I like to hug my Mom with my arms around her neck and I put my cheek on her face and rub like a cat! I think I can do anything. Sometimes I think I can fly when I go off the deck!!!
I am so happy for you all dear friends. May you be blessed with a life time of happiness.
Love your friend,
Buster xo way to gohug
♥Bear- ♥

I'm a Country- Boy!
Barked: Mon Oct 4, '10 4:34pm PST 
Hello my dear pals here at the wedding chapel. My brother and i are so happy to be a part of this group. CONGRATULATIONS on the couples to be. My name is Bear and my brother the basset hound is Oscar. I'm very lovable and a joy to be around and very playful indeed. I love to play fetch and get my exercise in the backyard. I will be 2 this month of October so looking forward to that so excited. You all are welcome to come and celebrate with me. Well see you folks later. God bless you all!wave
Mr. Smokey- Bowers

DJ of The Alley- Cats!
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 10:13pm PST 
Buster, when is your BIG day??????? And would you like to have it here?
Flora Angel- Cat

At The Rainbow- Bridge
Barked: Tue Oct 19, '10 6:22pm PST 
Hello, my name is Flora Angel Cat Bowers. Yes, that is correct, I am the wife of Mr. Smokey Bowers himself. I am at The Rainbow Bridge, but
I spend plenty of time checking on and watching over My Smokey.

So pleased to congratulate the bride and groom. Mom and I and my
brofur, Freddie, have had some terrible pewter problems these past few
months. It may be possible for Freddie and I to attend this wedding
of the year, we certainly hope so.

Congratulations You Two.

Having Fun Is- What Dogster Is- All About
Barked: Fri Oct 22, '10 9:26pm PST 
Hi, My Name is Spinner I am engaged myself to Tinkerbell Blackburn. We have an adopted son named Stoney. We haven't set our date but in the Spring I think. I am a 4 yr. old Bichon-Poo & have gotten to know all the Bush Furs since our Lovely Kitty Sister Shelby Anne has met & fallen in love with Meeko Bush..The Bush Family is a very Lovely Family & I look forward to getting to know the Bower Family better..

Good Luck & Best wishes to Both Couples!!way to go
Tinkerbell Angel

Love To Dance
Barked: Fri Oct 22, '10 9:30pm PST 
Hi, I am Tinkerbell Angel, Spinner's Sister that just posted. I am engaged to Charlie Blackburn we have a child named Triston Noelle Blackburn. I am a Pekingese & Our Daughter is 1/2 Peke & 1/2 Cavilar King Charles.
Again we have met the Bushes through Shelby Anne & Meeko dating..Such a lovely fur family & we look forward to this double wedding & best wishes to both Couples!!
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